Manjaro shuts down abruptly

I just installed manjaro on my old laptop and updated everything including the kernals. The pc seems to shutdown automatically (just shuts down without any notice) while i am on batttery. I tried reverting to the latest lts and it seems to work but am having micro stutters in latest lts kernals.

Look at your power settings - you may need to set the system to show a message when battery is low.

The word old laptop makes me think your battery is not what it used to be which may be why the system powers off abruptly.

This is most likely only a hardware problem - check the settings - also tlp (use tlpui) may influence the behavior.

There could be multiple reasons why your machine shuts down. For example some recent Lenovo laptops have thermal shutdown issues: the machine incorrctly thinks it is overheating and shuts down to protect itself. If you share some more information, such as the context where this happens and maybe also some logs (journalctl) we can try to help.

Actually replaced my battery couple of months ago and the computer seems to work fine in windows.

  1. Windows don’t require you to think - Linux does
  2. Windows is not Linux.

Check your power settings …

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I’m having this problem only on the latest kernels (5.11.2-1) it works fine on the LTS (5.4.101-1) but am having microstutters in the LTS version.

P.S I am new to the forum and don’t know how to display my output for journalctl.

What should i look for?

Copy the text - then create a codefence using backtics like this and paste the terminal output inbetween the fence

your pasted output