Manjaro-settings-samba not installed by default in Cinnamon Full spin

I just noticed that the package manjaro-settings-samba is not installed when you install the Cinnamon Full desktop spin.

It’s not being installed through Architect nor the graphical installer.

Is @oberon still maintaining Cinnamon spins? I kindly put to you to include this package in the default install.

Is not on the Manjaro priority list at this moment.
manjaro-settings-samba package was not included in any ISO profile by a consensus decision at some point, if i recall correctly. How to get it working is documented in the wiki, for the same reason: Using Samba in your File Manager - Manjaro

Thanks for the information! I fixed my problem once I discovered I was missing the smb.conf. It just seemed like a good idea to include it by default, but I can understand there are reasons not to.

Took the note and i will pass it over to the team for future discussion. Thanks for your understanding!

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