Manjaro Server using Sway

Hardware is Raspberry Pi 4GB. I struggled to find a suitable Manjaro release for a home server. Sway Desktop seemed to be the closest fit. So far I like what I see. My question is - will it make a suitable candidate for a home server? It certainly features a lot of command line utilities - just different ways of using them. What do you think?

Any reason you want to use Wayland over Xorg on a Pi?

Is you want a graphical environment on your homeserver why not go for i3wm or go full CLI even.


If the idea is a headless server, you should use the “Manjaro ARM Installer” to create a minimal or a server edition install.

You can use the sway edition, but it’s still unneeded overhead to have the graphical stuff running, if it’s not being used.


Sway seems to be a lightweight Manjaro OS. Thinking about workloads on the headless server, we are using a single window to do multiple tasks - on the command line. In Sway we can use multiple terminals to do this work and display them all in one window. It is just a variation in presentation of data I suppose.
I don’t need the graphical menu. Possibly i3 would be an option as well.