Manjaro security, substitution of firefox browser tabs

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I encountered such a curious situation: today, after updates (all previously installed applications were indicated for updating), in the browser tab (firefox) instead of the site, information was changed and the site did not work in the usual expected way. It displayed completely different content. I believe that here the question is deeper and I will have to return to the previous distribution kit for a paid subscription. Where the developers guarantee complete security and the prevention, in principle, of such situations. In search of a new one, I decided to get acquainted with manjaro.
I intuitively removed the Code::Blocks program (I actively used it after installation, but there are suspicions of CherryTree software), the substitution stopped happening. Dependencies remain in the system, see below. The question is, is it? How to know for sure. And in general, regarding the security of this distribution, there are, therefore, no guarantees at all. And the distro is good, it has prospects and there is something to work very hard on. Why do developers allow this here.

$ sudo pacman -Rs $(pacman -Qdtq)

python-cachetools-5.1.0-1 python-google-api-core-2.8.1-1
python-google-api-python-client-2.49.0-1 python-google-auth-1.34.0-4
python-google-auth-httplib2-0.1.0-3 python-googleapis-common-protos-1.53.0-3
python-httplib2-0.20.3-1 python-oauth2client-4.1.3-8
python-protobuf-3.20.1-2 python-pyasn1-0.4.8-7 python-pyasn1-modules-0.2.8-6
python-rsa-4.8-3 python-uritemplate-3.0.1-6 python-yaml-6.0-1
wxgtk-common- python-pydrive-1.3.1-5 wxgtk3-

It appears to be having issues:

502 Error

Bad gateway

The connection to site is not established - it does not respond.

Try accessing the site later or contact administration of the site.

Request: GET Lw==
Guru meditation: V0pUb1cyZDBNRVFwOXN3d0RaTXRqbWFZSll5OTA5ODc=

Those are packages that were installed as a dependencies, but no other packages depend on them at this point. See Check for orphans and dropped packages

Allow what where? You’ve lost me.

Manjaro offers no guarantees and is provided free of charge: Please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Spam was displayed instead of a Russian news site. In which update package or service the malicious code was, it seems that no one is monitoring this at all.

Your government has blocked your access, which is why you’re seeing a 502 error.
The site is working.

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Then it’s either an issue with the website, it’s DNS provider, hackers or censorship. None of which have to do with Manjaro.


Hi. I’ve read in the news that the site was hacked.


More likely russia has blocked outside access.

There is no updates which changes the behaviour of websties or hijacks the connection.

Paranoia is frequent in countries which censors and/or oppress their citizens - feeding them their ‘news’


As well as paranoia that ‘somewhere someone is oppressing someone’. :smile:

If there is nothing to say about the browser, then it is better to refrain from answering, and the universe will become much better. :ok_hand:

Thanks for the replies to the question!

This news appeared much later, then it was not there, I searched on the Internet that ‘the site was hacked’, but I did not find anything about it, thanks.

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