Manjaro Secure Boot Setup

I wanted to enable secure boot and dual boot Manjaro and Windows 11. I followed the steps from ArchLinux: UEFI/Secure Boot .
I enabled secure boot by changing some steps. But I want to create a stript to do that for me. I created one. So, I want someone to verify everything is currect with the script and can be used in every Manjaro setup.
I’m very skill full with writing scritps so need suggestions.
Thank you.

For the Have to do by myself = bit, why aren’t you using sed,?


This won’t install anything. The top line calls man pacman -Syu efitools with sudo which is unnecessary. There is no man page for -Syu (since they’re options for pacman) and the man page for efitools (if it exists) hasn’t been installed yet.

sudo man pacman -Syu efitools
sudo man pacman -Syu sbsigntools

Should be

sudo pacman -Syu efitools
sudo pacman -Syu sbsigntools


Perhaps something like this:

old="Exec = /usr/share/libalpm/scripts/mkinitcpio-install"
new="Exec = /usr/local/share/libalpm/scripts/mkinitcpio-install"
sudo cp $file{,.bak}
cat $file | sed "s|$old|$new|" | sudo tee $file

Have you tried using shellcheck to check for errors?

Manjaro also has a package shellcheck in Community repository that can be installed and used in terminal


Thank you. I think the script is now complete.

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Thank you. shellcheck is a useful package.

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