Manjaro search returns files that have been deleted

Hello, I am new user to Manjaro. I recently discovered that when I type name of the file that have been previously removed it appears in search. When I press enter or click on searched file it shows that it can't be opened because it does not exist. I would like to stop Manjaro from showing files that have been removed. I would be thankful for any tips.

You did not mention what desktop environment you're using. If you're running KDE Plasma...

System Settings → Workspace → Search → Plasma SearchClear History

You are not disclosing your environment.

If you depend on the locate command (catfish does) you will have to rebuild the database using the command or use the update index option in Catfish

sudo updatedb
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Yes, I am using KDE Plasma, but solution you provided does not work for me, after I press Clear history seach still returns deleted files.

I don't, I think I am using Plasma Search.

I'm having the same issue on Manjaro Cinnamon. Updatedb doesn't seem to work (i did try after installing mlocate) and there isn't a posted solution anywhere that does anything. Linux Kernel 4.19.79-1-MANJARO and Cinnamon version 4.2.4

P.S. I have tried waiting a whole day and I have tried restarting my PC.

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