Manjaro running in a PCI Pass through VM

I am trying to run Manjaro in a VM that has PCI pass through.
My underlying OS is Fedora but this seems to be distro independent even for the guest OS but since I would really like to use Manjaro to play games on. I decided this probably belongs here.
I have an inexpensive ATI video card and I have success running Windows 10 in a PCI pass though VM.
My first try I setup the machine using virt-manager and followed the prompts. Seems virt-manager sucks at setting up a pci-passtrough for anything but windows. If I let it pick Manjaro it interfered with my other VMs and crashed the VM’s hard. Today I decided to select a windows VM and just install Manjaro on that. That worked… sort of. It installed and is running and lspci shows my video card and the sound device on it too from the 2 PCI pass throughs I did. lspci shows the video driver as being radeon. But that is as far as I get. I’m not sure how to use that video card. When I look at Display options it doesn’t show a second display. If I open a command line up and run xrandr I only see virtual-1 to virtual-4 as options and only the virtual monitor to select from not the TV connected to my ATI graphics card. If I shut the machine down I see the text output of my host machine. If I start my Windows VM I see Windows running on it just fine.

I’m not sure what else to try to get Manjaro to see the TV I have plugged into my ATI card.

I figured it out. If I remove the “Display Spice” I see the output on my TV as I was expecting.

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