Manjaro Repository Status of mirrors web page not updating

Hello all…
One question, why is not updating/generating up to date mirror list ??
I noticed this during the weekend, but I waited up till now with the question,
I thought maybe it will updatelike yesterday :slight_smile:

I update my mirrors manually so its good to have an overview.


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Was just about to make a thread about that as well :wink:

Generated on 2021-03-06 15:05


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The thing is, the page is static. Nothing has changed since 2021-03-06 15:05. The mirrors and all its the same :slight_smile:

Yeah. Last time there was an issue with a mirror having an expired ssl cert. Must be something different now though. The cert of seems ok.

Maybe it’s related to all the ipv6/AAAA record changes that has been going on recently?

These days, there were less than 10 unstable mirrors in total when I typed sudo pacman-mirrors -c all and none from France.

sudo pacman-mirrors -c France works, but the mirrors are not up to date.

sudo pacman-mirrors -c France Germany only results in the few German mirrors detected with -c all.

Prior to this I made a custom mirrors list, using Pacman-mirrors - Manjaro guide lines.
I think, am on up to date mirrors, 'cause I use the european mirrors the one’s that were always upto date like manjaro… and similar.
I mean, I got the latest update on time, the grub fix and all that, but without the web page active its like flying blind :slight_smile:

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Seems it’s fixed now…


Yep… :slight_smile: Tnx for the info… Marking your answer as solution :slight_smile:

Cheers… :beer:

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