Manjaro Repos on Antergos

I have been using manjaro linux for 3+ years on my desktop, and antergos for more than a year on my laptop. Since antergos is discontinued., is it possible to use manjaro repos on antergos?

Antergos will receive updates directly from Arch. I don't think it's a good idea to use Manjaro repos instead of Arch's, as it has some Manjaro-specific packages.

The closest possible thing, which is still only for the adventurous, would be this:
[HowTo] Convert Arch based Linux to Manjaro

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It is possible, but not a good idea. Antergos should keep working fine ad infinitum if take good care of it. Unless there are some specific packages you want from manjaro repos, like pamac?

Not really. I would say that yaourt is a great tool that is not available on antergos. I think that pamac exists on antergos but building for example mysql from aur on antertgos fails, while on manjaro it works great.

Another thing manjaro does better is the schedule on the updates. For example on antergos there daily some packages to uopdate.

A great solution would be to install manjaro on my laptop, but it is a small mess to do (wifi works on live environment but not on installation).

I will definitely check this out. My laptop has two drives:
1st drive ) 64gb emmc with antergos
2nd drive) A new 240gb m2 ssd

I will install antergos on the m2 ssd, I will copy my files and then I will experiment with the old installation.

yaourt is discontinued and is not available in Arch or Manjaro iirc

And a piss-poor tool. Now.