Manjaro refuses to load any external windows manager... suspecting X11

So a few days back, i made this other forum post: WM not starting… (Awesome, Herbsluftwm) . I'm back again with what I can only assume manjaro is responsible for. All WMs are failing on startup now, regardless of whether I use the aur, pacman, or github directly (except for awesomeWM, but i strongly want my herbs back over awesome).

Regardless of the method by which I cause Herbs to boot, it will load herbs and absolutely nothing else. Shortcuts to control herbs work, i can create tiles as i want. But nothing else seems to load, until i look at journalctl, which shows that things are being loaded. I do not see any errors in the Xorg log related to herbs either. It is a similar story when I try to load i3, except there, only the bar loads and it crashes at the login screen.

Can someone suggest to me what could be overruling or disrupting proper X11 display? I have tried both KDE and xfce, and neither will work right. I see an occasional X11 server problem, but it doesn't always happen...

if you want more details, heres the journalctl log for when I tried to boot into herbs:

If you X will not load it is most probable a graphics configuration issue with X.

I am using Openbox window manager and has done for years and - I have no issues running this particular window manager.

Say some examples of failing components.
I don't know how herbs works.
You should post your system info.
The journal includes a lot of "failed" and "error" lines.
Many point to a possible kernel incompatibility, others about fstab error.
Have you tried other kernels?
Is the system updated (and rebooted)?

If emacs is an important part of herms-wm, there is a message about a possible bug and suggested workaround. (search for "gnome")

Using an Emacs configured with --with-x-toolkit=lucid does not have this problem.

You mentioned fstab and kernel incompatibility. I've suspected kernel incompatibility, since I last got herbs working right under 49. I've tried running herbs on 419 and 414 without success. I'm concerned about downgrading further since no other kernel are recommended right now.

I saw the errors about fstab. I have an added internal partition. I'll try removing that line and booting again. Similar errors showed under plasma, so I've been ignoring them.

failing components - everything from file manager, terminal, panels, wallpaper, application launcher. none of that is accessible or visible from the screen. the only thing visible is a green background and green outlines caused by herbs. the green outlines are part of herbs and can be controlled by keyboard, suggesting herbs is responsive, and is the only responsive component. Pressing the power button leads to immediate shutdown, not sure if that signifies anything.

if you are asking about sys components, I strongly suspect that isn't the problem. I have two systems running manjaro, and both have been verified that the graphics card is giving output (ex., logs, mhwd, using external monitor through GPU hdmi, playing video games, etc).
My desktop which has run both xfce and kde runs:
CPU; AMD ryzen 5 1500x
8Gb ram
Manjaro Kernel 419.
My laptop which runs KDE has different settings, but also ran herbs properly in the past. To be fair, that was under 49 i believe:
CPU; Intel i7
GPU; Nvidia GeForce GTX

emacs - That isn't a problem! that problem has always been there, and did not interfere with a previous herbs set up. Also, emacs should be booted much later in the process, after a good number of other system processes have booted. Its something i plan to change about my process later.

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follow up: i've tried older kernels and editing fstab. Hasn't made an impact. As I have been doing a lot of reformatting and re-installing manjaro, there are no extra packages other than those from pacman -Sy. I might be forced to accept that something in my system is breaking herbs at the moment and hope it fixes itself...

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