Manjaro Recovery Disk?

Replacing the battery of my umpc forced me to reinstall grub. I did so successfully by booting a Manjaro liveusb and working with terminal commands.

When grub has been blown out in Ubuntu, etc, I’ve used recovery disks that rebuilt/troubleshot grub via automation and a gui.

Is there such a disk available for Arch?

GRUB is GRUB. The same recovery disks should also work with GRUB on Manjaro.

I had thought the same, but the Linux Repair Disk, while working in other Linux flavors, couldn’t rebuild grub in Manajro. A variety of errors and at the end, the broken grub was
left unchanged.

That’s why I was asking if there were an Arch-specific recovery disk.

As I said in original post, I eventually figured it out in terminal; I was just wondering about an easier approach.

System Rescue Live ISO rescue tool is based on Arch, but the options for Repairing a damaged Grub are no better than Manjaro Wiki: Use manjaro-chroot and Manual chroot

I use manjaro-chroot to recovery my grub twice.

That’s what I used as well. Thanks.