Manjaro randomly asks for password on startup, breaks mouse and keyboard input

Hello! Whenever I reboot, I am sometimes asked for a password on startup even though I have auto-login enabled. I haven’t really kept track of what causes this, but it seems like it happens after I install updates or applications, although sometimes it happens even when I haven’t made any significant changes.

The password thing doesn’t bother me all that much. However, whenever it happens, my input devices start acting weird after I log in. For example, my shift key would not work on my keyboard, left-clicking on the desktop would not work (it would work anywhere else but on the desktop), mouse scrolling would not work, etc.

Rebooting the system doesn’t fix the issue, if I’m still asked for a password after a reboot. Forcing a hard shutdown (maintaining power key until system abruptly shuts down) sometimes fixes it as then I am not asked for a password on startup.

Has anyone encountered this issue? I did a search and was unable to find much. What would cause my keyboard and mouse to malfunction when auto-login fails?

Thanks a lot

I have the same on cinnamon.
If it happens i press the power button once and the pc shuts down. Restart fixes this issue for me.
If it happens i can input my password and pc works like it should, although i didn’t check if the shift key works.
It happens randomly though.
I’m using kernel 5.4 (LTS) I didn’t try newer kernels.
As far as i can remember this is going on for weeks, maybe months.

Yeah it’s been going for a while, but I’ve noticed it more since the last update. I can also input my password no problem when it happens, it’s once I’m logged in that I notice all the issues.

I’m on kernel 5.10. Had a previous build on 5.4 and it happened there too.

I just noticed that logging out and back in seems to also fix the issue for me (only tried once) if you don’t want a hard shutdown.