Manjaro-printer install error - failed to commit transaction


I want to install xfce minimal, to well keep bloat to a minimum. Openbox is lighter but doesn’t have basic functions like volume on statusbar/easy desktop icons/taskbar etc. Cinnamon etc. too heavy for old pc in mind.

I"m testing on live usb before install and can see the only thing missing which I need seems to be printer support.

Tried following this manjaro guide but it fails as below.

h ttps://

Any ideas how to resolve fail to commit issue?

Thanks in advance,

[manjaro@manjaro ~]$ pamac install manjaro-printer
Choose optional dependencies for manjaro-printer:
1:  system-config-printer: A gtk cups printer configuration tool and status applet
2:  print-manager: A kde tool for managing print jobs and printers
3:  xsane: gtk2 frontend for scanner
4:  simple-scan: gtk3 frontend for scanner
5:  skanlite: Image Scanning Application for KDE

Enter a selection (default=none): 

Resolving dependencies...
Checking inter-conflicts...
To install (54):
  colord-sane                  1.4.4+9+g1ce26da-2    extra      
  cups                         2.3.3-3               extra      
  cups-filters                 1.27.5-1              extra      
  cups-pdf                     3.0.1-5               extra      
  cups-pk-helper               0.2.6-4               extra      
  foomatic-db                  3:20200822-1          extra      
  foomatic-db-engine           4:20200206-1          extra      
  foomatic-db-gutenprint-ppds  5.3.3-2               extra      
  ghostscript                  9.52-1                extra      
  gsfonts                      20180524-3            extra      
  gutenprint                   5.3.3-2               extra      
  hplip                        1:3.20.6-3            extra      
  ijs                          0.35-3                extra      
  jbig2dec                     0.18-1                extra      
  libidn                       1.36-1                extra      
  libieee1284                  0.2.11-9              extra      
  libimagequant                2.12.6-1              community  
  liblouis                     3.14.0-2              extra      
  libpaper                     1.1.28-1              extra      
  libxcrypt                    4.4.16-3              core       
  manjaro-printer              20200215-2            extra      
  net-snmp                     5.8-6                 extra      
  perl-alien-build             2.29-1                extra      
  perl-alien-libxml2           0.16-2                extra      
  perl-capture-tiny            0.48-4                extra      
  perl-dbi                     1.643-2               extra      
  perl-ffi-checklib            0.27-2                extra      
  perl-file-chdir              0.1011-4              community  
  perl-file-which              1.23-4                extra      
  perl-path-tiny               0.112-2               community  
  perl-xml-libxml              2.0205-2              extra      
  perl-xml-namespacesupport    1.12-4                extra      
  perl-xml-sax                 1.02-1                extra      
  perl-xml-sax-base            1.09-4                extra      
  python-cachecontrol          0.12.6-1              community  
  python-colorama              0.4.3-1               community  
  python-contextlib2           0.6.0.post1-1         community  
  python-distlib               0.3.1-1               community  
  python-distro                1.5.0-1               community  
  python-html5lib              1.1-1                 community  
  python-msgpack               1.0.0-1               community  
  python-pep517                0.8.2-1               extra      
  python-pillow                7.2.0-1               community  
  python-pip                   20.1.1-1              extra      
  python-progress              1.5-3                 community  
  python-pysmbc                1.0.20-1              extra      
  python-reportlab             3.5.48-1              community  
  python-resolvelib            0.4.0-1               extra      
  python-retrying              1.3.3-7               extra      
  python-toml                  0.10.1-1              community  
  python-webencodings          0.5.1-4               community  
  qpdf                         10.0.1-1              extra      
  sane                         1.0.30-1              extra      
  splix                        2.0.0-15              community  

Total installed size: 296.8 MB
Apply transaction ? [y/N] y
==== AUTHENTICATING FOR org.manjaro.pamac.commit ====
Authentication is required to install, update, or remove packages
Authenticating as: manjaro
Checking keyring...                                                      [54/54]
Checking integrity...                                                    [54/54]
Loading packages files...                                                [54/54]
Checking file conflicts...                                               [54/54]
Error: Failed to commit transaction:
conflicting files:
- libxcrypt: /usr/include/crypt.h already exists in filesystem (owned by glibc)
- libxcrypt: /usr/lib/ already exists in filesystem (owned by glibc)
- libxcrypt: /usr/share/man/man3/crypt.3.gz already exists in filesystem (owned by man-pages)
- libxcrypt: /usr/share/man/man3/crypt_r.3.gz already exists in filesystem (owned by man-pages)

ps. Is it possible for installer to allow options of what apps/support user wants installed, with default choices for minimal/full? This would remove need for 2 different iso’s for each DE download?

pps. isn’t system-config-printer necessary to manage print queue etc.? Not sure why this is optional on xfce?


no not needed, but if you want it, It is just a gui for: http://localhost:631/

You cannot overwrite system libs which are on a read-only image on live environment. You can add some but not upgrade them.

I general you just need some additional packages.

  • cups
  • gutenprint
  • hplip (if hp printer)

I believe these ones are already there on a install device.

You just need to add the printer here: http://localhost:631/admin

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