Manjaro Plasma Freeze After Login

not working

how i can send img

did you selected the 5.15 in the grub menu during boot?
you have to wait, till you approved by admin for sending pics…


what do you want to post thats on the picture?

my screen after booting

whats the output from:
mhwd-kernel -li
are the 5.15 and 5.10 installed and are you running the 5.15?

currently linux515

and installed

good so uninstall the 513 first:
sudo pacman -R linux513
and post output from:
find /etc/X11/ -name "*.conf"
find $HOME/ -name ".Xauthority"


so remove the authority file:
rm /home/kssm/.Xauthority
reboot and see if it helped

i will install new manjaro :heart:
thank you for helping me ,
i show to my friends your answers for my questions and they loved it and see … thank you to you …

now this the first time i install manjaro i3
where i should start ?

maybe thats why you had problems, you didnt properly setup the i3… but thats me just guessing… and i dont know anything about i3, never used it, so cant help you with that…

i setup i3 inside kde and it works will the problem is show yesterday after click in the power button to shutdown my laptop and when iam wakeup try to open it and found that problem so try to install new manjaro and get that problem and try again

so if the issue appeared after you set up i3 its probably related… search for guides how to properly install the i3

ho i can send you a massage

you can, but i will not be helpfull with i3… here is a link to arch wiki: