Manjaro Plasma Desktop Checksum doesnt match. Can anyone confirm?

Just downloaded the Manjaro iso from official Website “download.manjaro org/kde/22.0.3/manjaro-kde-22.0.3-230213-linux61.iso” and compared its SHA256 to the provided one here “download.manjaro org/kde/22.0.3/manjaro-kde-22.0.3-230213-linux61.iso.sha1” and it doesnt match. Same for KDE Desktop. Didn’t try others. Can anyone confirm?

SHA256 =/= SHA1 :wink:

Oh ok. :smiling_face:
But why is the provided Checksum still SHA-1? Isnt it out of date?

Indeed. Arch has deprecated MD5 & SHA1:

MD5 was cryptographically broken in 2008 and SHA1 in 2005, both are not considered suitable for security use.

Arch Linux - Todo: Deprecate MD5 and SHA1

EDIT: The ISO checksums will be updated to SHA256 later on.

EDIT 2: The x86_64 ISOs now have SHA512 checksums.

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