Manjaro Plasma boot up, login and splash glitch in external monitor

Recently I bought a new monitor and I connect it to my laptop through HDMI. When I use laptop monitor everything was fine. But the external one is really glitchy like in this video.

Even when shutdown it’s still glitch.
The splash screen glitch is similar to my experiment when combine lightdm with plasma (I’m switch back to sddm and everything work fine, but I still don’t know why It’s have the glitch but maybe it’s for another topic).
I use intel-nvidia-prime-450.66 install by mhwd, my nvidia card is Geforce 940MX.
Somebody please help me with this :frowning:
Sorry for my English, it’s not my nature language.

Welcome to Manjaro.

Perhaps you’re hit by a recent multi-monitor regression, which plages qt 5.15.1 and therefor plasma:

Thank you for the reply. I don’t think it’s multi-monitor regression because I only experiment that bug in the boot up or shutdown. After the boot up my monitor is working really fine. I think it’s might be nvidia bug but I don’t know how to solve :frowning: