Manjaro Plasma 6 kernel GUI


It looks like there’s no System Settings > Kernel page any more. I tried

~> mhwd-kernel -l
available kernels:
   * linux419
   * linux510
   * linux515
   * linux54
   * linux61
   * linux610
   * linux66
   * linux68
   * linux69
   * linux61-rt
   * linux66-rt
   * linux67-rt

Still, I miss tags like LTS and recommended. Is there a way to get all the info like before?

As far as I know, this kcm module has not been ported to plasma 6, but you can still get the functionality by running manjaro-settings-manager

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Thank you very much!

I hate to be the party pooper around here, but next time please do a search on the forum before posting. Your question has already been asked and answered about 50 times since the switch to Plasma 6 in April.

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