Manjaro planning to support snaps officially?

Guys is it real? I broke up Ubuntu b/c of this. What are you thinking about it?

Im not pro but I should preffer Flatpaks. Its more native.


There is nothing “set in stone” and there’s plenty of discussion going on within the team.

I’m definitely OK with Manjaro supporting Snaps and being an “official” Snap-supporting distro rather than having the documentation telling people to install the AUR package.


As long as it isn’t “forced” upon us, and I can at least uninstall that crap feature and yet the core OS not be dependent on it… Whatever, it may even be a good thing for many people.

If the future is going the Ubuntu way, with useless snaps for things like calculator, or even Silverblue, then to hell with it. But that’s just me.


Well there might be an increase in the forum posts on snap related application doubts like application not adhering to the theming, file system access etc etc…but good in cases where the applications may not be available in the official repos.

Does “supporting snaps out of the box” mean snapd installed by default or snap integration into Pamac?

If latter yet another reason to avoid Pamac.


Edited tag for who doesnt have same idea with me :blush:

:thinking: Well, one does not necessarily have to use Snaps on Majoraro if it will be coming out of the box in the near future.

However, it would be ideal for those people who love Snaps.

I think if Manjaro supports snaps offically, we cant use latest version of some packages (like libreoffice) of arch version.

It’s what Canonical makes to Ubuntu.

Ofcourse you can. Libreoffice is an Arch package, and will probably always be the newest version available. So you don’t have to install a snap version of it, because the repo already has the most recent one.

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Ubuntu is not rolling release distro so snaps help it stay more up-to-date .This doesn’t apply to Manjaro.


i really hope manjaro doesnt start including snap by default, i dont even see the need whatsoever to use snaps/flatpacks with a rolling distro that already has access to most of what snapcraft offers and use only half the storage space. i dont think i have enough storage to be wasting on snaps. the only snap i ever seen as semi-useful was anbox, and it didnt work. the other snaps i installed when i first started using linux ate up so much storage space in such a little time.
we already have snapd in our repos, why should it need to be included? :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


We can add a flag in pamac in a hypothetical future where User choice aur / flatpac / snapd support…
But for now is only a good opportunity to spy a code :smile:

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Seems like there is a lot of hate for Snapd (and Flatpak?) In the very least, when one of our fav applications is borked, which has probably happened to us all, it is nice to quickly install a snap alternative in a matter of seconds, which I have done numerous times. I prefer Manjaro/AUR packages, but it is nice to have a backup. Plus, I have found a few apps available only on these platforms that aren’t in AUR. I wouldn’t rule it out.

My vote is to add it officially. You can always uninstall it …like I did with Microsoft online, which I find more offensive.

Edit to add a suggestion: What if instead of Manjaro having it included at start, it included an app/script in the Manjaro Settings Manager to install/uninstall, including enabling/disabling the systemctl, for Snapd, Flatpak, etc. ?


I’m of very mixed-minds about the whole flatpak, snapd, packagekit, software “store,” etc. mess…

For myself, who has no need to use any of the above on a single-user, non-complex system where I do no development work, it’s total overkill and I don’t need or want the additional kernel modules or systemd overhead.

However, if I were a developer–especially using GNOME under Arch, or Fedora Silverblue–I might at least want flatpak support, and maybe even snapd.

What about a separate “Manjaro Development Edition” which includes all the necessary support for those items not in general use in Manjaro?



I personally have no hate against snap… or any other self contained package format, though they kinda make the environment more windows like with every application has their own copy of the same library but potentially different version. As long as it’s just to be able to run a snap without the need to install snapd manually, it should be fine. After all, some snap apps do break on my system while the official/AUR package works fine. Spotify is one of them.

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I try to keep my system extremely lean. This is the last thing I want bloating out my install. Seems mostly another case of ex-Ubuntu user’s wanting to stick to their old ways. Totally unessesary on an Arch based system IMO.

As in the above quote comments I think an optional install script or different ISO would be a more appropriate method to make it available to those that feel they can’t do without it.


A compromise could be to

  • Have a switch in pamac similar to the aur one which is off by default
  • Switching it on installs and configures snapd and gives a snap tab, again like the aur one.

Considering how the snapd package got neglected in the past, will it really happen?

Anyway, honestly, I doubt having Snap support by default would bring anything beneficial for Manjaro whatsoever, or more beneficial than only having Flatpak support by default instead. I would like to see the reasoning from Manjaro Team on why you want universal packages support by default on Manjaro, and especially Snaps.

So Ubuntu wants to be rolling-release without being rolling-release?

And who will program, debug and maintain the implementation of Snaps in Pamac (if it ever happens)? Don’t forget that it has to be implemented in all front-ends too (CLI, GTK and the new QT one).

Canonical wants to be revolutionary but doesn’t do anything right. First they invented Unity then- Mir and finally snap.But will all remember what happend to first two right?:wink: They have money and man-force but fail anyway.Why? Well it is a question for other tread.My point is that Snap will suffer the same fate as other Canonical projects


I like the idea of snap support being optional on install. Each user has their choice on whether to include or not and what ‘snaps’ to install if wanted. Not very keen on the idea of the Ubuntu route of snapping up a good amount of utility type applications by default.