Manjaro personalized live usb


I want to make a Manjaro Live USB, with the latest update my system crashed and I had to resort to another pc to do some work that had to be done quite quickly and when repairing my main PC I found out that a Live USB Could very well be used as a nice temporary solution and would also come in handy when trying to fix stuff on other computers (which is one of it’s know purposes I know).

I can’t find a clear guide or answer to my specific needs for the Live USB and documentation on how to create one.

Live USB specs:

  • 16g GB USB preferred 32 gig USB MAX
  • Should work on any system
  • Easily updateable and reconfigurable
  • Linux Manjaro Gnome (64 bits)
  • Programs pre-installed
    – Sublime Text 3 (with my license already activated)
    –Firefox Developers
    –yaourt (package manager)
    –Dash to dock
    –Gnome 3 theme
    – Virtualbox with extensions
    – Localhost (LAMP)
    – Terminal setup like mine (screenshot:
    – Mailspring
    – Teamviewer
    – Vim (Ultimate)
    – Chromium
    – Libinput gestures setup like mine
    – Backslide (with my custom backgrounds)
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Something like this


If you have 2 usb sticks, boot from one, then install to the other.


It’s good but it takes a lot of time to create and go through documentation. And the packages the offer are out of date.

Would you know a more graphical user interface solution? I thought about using the default ISO for gnome they offer on the website, setting up persistent storage than installing everything I need and turn off persistent storage but IDK if it would work and how do I convert that do a ISO that I can upload to a server so I can always re download it.


And what would this do?


It would give you a removable manjaro install.


Yea but everything I do would stick on the USB, making it very loaded when using it for a while. The idea should be that it has all my settings but it should be as light weight as possible, and it should only be a temporary solution. I would work via the live usb and store persistent data on the main machine. It would just be a lot easier and probably more productive to always work in the same environment. It would also be nice to always be able to use my machine setup everywhere I go.


I’m not sure how you’d do this. It is pretty easy if you would like to create a /home partition on another HDD…


Yeah, I suppose you could have your USB installs HOME be a symlink to a partition on the internal drive. (or particular folders)
That partition could also be periodically backed-up/synced from your true systems home folder.
Seems a bit overkill, but if done right, could be a pretty all-encompassing back up and recovery system.


Would it discard all the files I made as well just like a Live USB?

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