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Good evening guys! I was reading that elementaryOs with the beautiful Pantahon DE are always improving, I realized that Deepin and Pantheon are fashionable, Manjaro Deepin we already have it, Manjaro Pantheon, you can ask an ISO to be tested with the new updates that have done? Thank you :slight_smile:

Last Version Elementary 5.0

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Unless something has changed recently, it is very difficult to get pantheon working(and keep it working) on an Arch/Manjaro base. The devs are only targeting elementary releases and development is much further behind than what we have in a rolling release.


See this thread Why Manjaro hasn't forked a version Pantheon yet?

Just today after some time Alucryd have published libmutter2 (mutter 3.28.x) in the AUR for compiling again gala-git; because Elementary devs don’t care to get it working with the latest Mutter version

Well, not a guy, but still have an opinion [gasp]. I acknowledge my bias, but utterly fail to grasp the logic or desire to flee from an oppressively locked-down closed-source desktop paradigm, only to voluntarily walk into the arms of an oppressively locked-down open-source desktop paradigm. One of the reasons i love Linux is my freedom to gambol & frolic amongst extensive desktop configurability options… imo tis total anathema to not have such freedom. The phrase “Manjaro Pantheon” reeks of oxymoron writ large.


It can be installed from AUR. I’ve done it yesterday on my testing Manjaro Gnome installation. Expect many difficulties though. I had to substitute mutter with compatible one from AUR, lightdm also had to be replaced with lxdm, etc, etc. Now brightness control, night light and screen locking do not work. In a nutshell, it’s too much effort for a common user with obviously not so good end result.

Good point, but often this desktop configurability options are kinda overkill for many users. These options also make KDE’s systemsetting the worst DE configuration tool from the perspective of design and usability. Inner content placement results in numerous scrollbars, scrollbars, scrollbars. Just open gtk configuration section there – this is usable only when systemsettings is maximised. Switchboard looks just so much better than that. Anyway I love Plasma, but it doesn’t mean I cannot admit that other desktops have their goodies too.


Completely agree with you. I don’t want, & am not trying to, convert this thread into another Plasma Is Great thread [heehee]. Au contraire, IMO [as well as KDE], GNOME, Xfce, Cinnamon, OpenBox, Enlightenment etc are ALL Great, in comparison to Pantheon … for any Manjaroo with even a passing interest in being able to personalise their desktop beyond font-face [oooh, saucer of milk for me!]. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A quick forum search and you would have found this has been asked and answered many times.

Read this post.

If this ever became a feasible possibility it would be maintained and packaged upstream in Arch anyway, like all the other DEs currently are.

Manjaro inherits these vanilla DEs and makes 'em sexy!


Why not use simply elementaryOS?

Its like buying the a Burger at McDonalds and asking for cheese from Burger King :frog:

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The struggling between the DE you want and the base system you like

I would like to have OpenSuse tumbleweed Cinnamon but it doesn’t exist (this is not saying that I like OpenSuse or .rpm)


I did that. And a McDonald’s employee walked across the street to get me a Whopper. But that was way back in my booze & Harley-Davidson days. Before fatherhood changed things. I looked kinda scruffy and they didn’t want to hold up the drive-thru lane. It worked.

Have you ever tried to eat a Whopper @ 80 mph? Don’t. :wink:

Same thing goes for Pantheon on an Arch base.

nice, reminded me of when i was driving back to work one day eating a big mac and some lady turned left in front of me to get on the highway and hit head on. i was mid-bite when it happened, airbags can really make a mess of a big mac. definitely one of the more interesting crashes ive been in (none of them my fault) :smirk:

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That is great advice for the OP.

Now we have to wait till he grows a beard as powerful as yours for Pantheon to come!
Can’t look threatening when shaved like a baby … :sunglasses::smile:


I’d say the struggle for non existing perfection with too many choices.

Short lived experiment

Not Manjaro Pantheon but ... Pantheon has finally been added to another distro ... Fedora 30.

Fedora 30 Beta also introduces two new desktop environment options for those who want to customize their Fedora desktop experience. As such, the Deepin Desktop Environment and Pantheon Desktop are joining [other DEs] in the Fedora 30 release.

This change will make fedora the first linux distribution other than elementaryOS to support the Pantheon Desktop environment and elementary applications.

It gives users of fedora another choice for their desktop environment, and it gives users of Pantheon and elementary applications the ability to choose a different linux distribution for the first time.

Whether Pantheon is feasible for rolling distros like Arch / Manjaro is another story, but this is work that other distros should be able to piggy back. This is something I'll definitely check out in a VM, curous indeed.

Fedora 30 is due for release first week in May (7th?).

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