New Download section redesign.

New redesign feedback needed, It still has bugs and it is unfinished.


I like it. It's looks very clean and easy to navigate.

Question though. I clicked the link which took me to the Xfce download page. I clicked the link for the video, watched a few seconds then stopped it. Then clicked the KDE link, then a couple more. :wink:
When I went back to the Xfce page (By selecting from the slide out menu) the download page was in the monitor on the page.
That by design?

No its a bug, there is a few more.

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Nice job.

Quick thoughts:

  • The images (especially of architect) might enjoy better size/quality.
  • The submenu from"Official" has a random order - either it should be alphabetical, or just keep xfce/kde on top and force Architect to the bottom.
  • The same submenus are also invisible and not hinted (the menu area doesnt appear clickable at first) .. this might be helped by some lines, highlighting the selected area, or even showing submenus on mouse roll-over.


The text beneath :

Manjaro-Architect offers total customization on your Manjaro installation:

is unreadable for me. But this could also be a Firefox issue.

But it sure looks good and professional :heart_eyes:

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It is an early design just to have a feeling of the layout navigation, those will be addressed, also there is no mobile version yet.

  • popup "download" (modal-content) his too high : scrolls in scrolls (screen 1900x1080)
  • Have a color reminder on the "official, community...Arm" tab ?

In my opinion, each single page should be the same styles and structure. It looks good and clean. :ok_hand:

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Since you are working on it please change the text for the different versions. When you hover your mouse over an edition you see a text describing that edition.
For XFCE: For people who want a reliable and fast desktop
For KDE: Built-in interface to easily access and install themes, widgets, etc. While very user-friendly and certainly flashy, is also quite resource heavy.

It looks as if KDE is not reliable and fast, since that apparently only applies to XFCE.
Also the phrase resource heavy is not true anymore. KDE has come a long way in that department and it uses about the same amount of resources as XFCE for example.
When a description is needed then at least create one which describes the edition well.


XFCE and KDE are pretty comparable these days.
(as in if you strip both of them down .. you end up with similar RAM.. either will beat the other if you start adding a bunch of desktop widgets or effects)

There will be an arrow there.

Yeah all text description needs to be adjusted.

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Any plans to keep the Dev/RC/Testing Versions as a separate entry ?
I was not able to find the links for that..

One other suggestion, Maybe we can hover to get the submenus instead of clicking ?

Both are non-issues...great work with the page design...looks very cool..

They are separate in the website but usually they can be found in odsn instead.

This was updated, I am now looking for bugs, let me know if someone finds any.

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Too bad the videos are done with the old Manjaro logo ...

Videos probably need an update also.

Last change for bugs, going live soon - :smiley:

Is there a particular reason why the downloads page defaults/links to the 'Gnome' version? It looked to me, like I clicked a link, specifically linking to 'Gnome', instead of a downloads page..

Would it be better if the user lands on a page that gives an immediate choice between 'official' and 'community' flavours, first?

Hopefully that makes sense.

Even, first link to a 'Why Manjaro' page, and have the video, be the best, and most flashy review of Manjaro, maybe a review by someone in the forum?

You can scroll down the page, more choices are in the editions menu on the top.

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