Manjaro-openrc will be discontinued



But this is the whole beauty of pamac (or synaptic in other distros) that you browse and glance on pkgs, see their dependencies, read a description/summary, decide whether you want something or not, and finally click within a minute.
I don’t know how fast you (all) can type commands accurately, I obviously for building pamac or yaourt can, but why take 20’ and have to do clean up, when a click and seconds later you are running an installed pkg.
I know masochism runs high among linux/unix folk, but let us be a little logical. Browsing through packages and their descriptions with pacman is an exercise for your eyesight endurance of too much information for too little value.

And where the hell would you get a kernel installer/uninstaller like the one Manjaro had in Manjaro-Settings?


I still don’t understand why it needed to restart from scratch without no friendly tools like pamac and yaourt.


Because Artix is not Manjaro, and by the sounds of it Artix philosophy will adhere more closely to the Arch way (ie DIY technical self reliance).


I like using the terminal to install programs, i can get the same information that pamac or synaptic can supply in the gui app via the terminal with the correct commands, all it takes is a little research and some spare time. As for pamac and aur helpers, i would use pacaur over pamac or octopi but that is just my preference. I think it worthwhile to learn how to use the terminal for issues such as this.


Because our focus is not on any desktop atm, our focus is on the base system, on deployment, automation and such, so we can actually reliably maintain a full system repo, which is about 200 packages, and its the smallest repo.


So why are you misrepresenting it as a continuation of the Manjaro OpenRC project and not what it really is; A strong non-systemd Arch base for developers without any support for wm. Obviously you chose lxqt as it is self supported on anything with a Qt base. Even in ms-windows you can probably run lxqt and if it does not run it is not MS’s fault but Lxqt being incompatible with qt.

I am not critisizing artix, I actually think it is very good, but for what it is. I am criticising misrepresentation of the project.

It is different than saying, sorry, I can no longer work in this project and since there are no takers it will exist for as long as it doesn’t break but you are on your own. I will now contribute my time to this “other distro” called artix, which has NOTHING to do with Manjaro OpenRC. I would think this would be a more accurate announcement, and being OpenRC-Manjaro would not have been a “Techincal” problem.

Well, you got me, I am testing LXDE and openbox for you. Hopefully we will soon have our own space to discuss things without all this Manjaro noise.

Since @artoo is gone, what we Manjaro users do with our OpenRC project should be up to us!


No wonder graphics were so crappy without it and sticky, which explains Manjaro’s claim of being “easier on the eyes” :wink:

I have antique i915 eyes and they are tired.


I am at a standstill as to how I should proceed.:exploding_head:
At the moment I have my unstable branch Manjaro OpenRC/SysVinit KDE partially converted to Artix, (mirrors set up and pending update/re-installation of required packages). I am a bit reluctant to go the final steps. I really am unsure if I want a system that is closer to pure Arch.
I really like my current setup, but I do understand that I can only expect to be able to run it for a limited time now.
I do not want to go back to a systemd os…so I have to decide my next “move”.:thinking:

Best regards.


So big decisions for you then ask yourself your on the unstable branch so you are virtual running arch anyway does unstable work for you then arch will. I can tell you now my experience is arch is worth it and ultimately artix is the way to go. but no hurry to change if using KDE as its not dependent on systemd any way at this moment in time. Wait till artoo is settled in a bit and the forum is up and running then make your move it will be fine.


I come back form an holiday period and, ok, find the surprise and its not April 1st.

I’m in the same situation of Conky57: I don’t want to come back to systemd so, I’ll try Artix; more than sure, but…

My problem is that, for work, I need a stable OS, but also flexible and now Manjaro/Openrc/KDE is pleasant to use, stable and very flexible, with both the Manjaro and Arch repos where I can find almost all the software that I need.

The other question is that I installed the Manjaro/Openrc/KDE also on the PCs of other people and is very complicated for me to ask them, now, to migrate at a different Linux Version after that them have invested to learn Manjaro. They are standard users and, believe me, to move them from Windows to Linux is not simple and now, I must move them at a different Linux.

For me can be also funny to test the new OS and to be involved from the testing phase, but I don’t know, now, how much time will be needed to have a stable Artix/Openrc version. Stable for standard users, I mean. A great dilemma for me, that I shall solve only having a clear scenario, scenario that now is all but not clear.


I meant more in a sense of all of the Manjaro tools that simplify things for the end user, not that I don’t think Arch would work for me.:slightly_smiling_face:
I have two KDE OpenRC systems, one on testing branch and one on unstable.
Your advice on waiting for things to settle a bit sounds very logical. Thanks for your reply.

Best regards.


Should you consider it, i could create a forum over on yuku without much ado. Just grant your permission and it will be done.


artoo is working on that no need to split thing up. also their is a comment link on the home page no need to sign in to comment so its all covered


What home page?


Wow. Just installed Manjaro-openrc last week. Haven’t really had a chance to evaluate it yet, but glad I kept it on a virtualbox. Will replace it with artix and move on. Thanks for not abandoning the non-systemd init system, but get the upstream hassles of systemd bombardment. Good luck, and will keep tabs!


Sorry you know me. I meant what you said I have never used any of the tools and its not hard like its made out to administer arch if this brain dead old fart can do it anybody can really i use yaourt for package searches its good as it bring up both repro and aur, yaourt office brings up 349 packages for instance never needed a gui package manager but tkpacman is very simple and light and does work fine that is what i install for others to use.


Sorry, @eugen-b ! But I can’t wait!! :heart_eyes:



Here is a temporary solution for artix users and for Manjaro OpenRC explorers

I will pass the backup/contents to the official site once created.
Commenting is open and free (till it lasts).

I made a simple blog with open comments for technical problems of either installing or attempting to transform a Manjaro to an Artix, till the official one comes up. If it gets any mileage a backup of the contents will be freely available to the site builders.

artix community

to help each other figure out solutions to running problems


A yuku forum is a better opition than a blog posting

But not wanting to be a burden or a distraction i asked for their permission first
And here you go just making something up…


Are you a part of the artix dev team fungilife?