Manjaro-openrc will be discontinued



You could have just reinstalled systemd on your manjaro.
Doesn’t made sense to me whatsoever.
I get it, you are disgruntled, I just have absolutely no idea why.
artix is much more solid than manjaro-openrc ever was.


I would never recommend that customers I support use a community edition of a distro, especially a non supported init system.

Arch is officially systemd, Manjaro is officially systemd, the openrc community spin was Artoo’s baby loosely included beneath the Manjaro banner. Square peg, round hole, makes more sense to disentangle Arch based openrc packages into its own distro.

For those waiting for Artix to stabilise and mature, why not just bite the bullet and use Manjaro systemd short term? Is it really that much of a turd sandwich to stomach in the interim?


Apparently, a slight misconception. Artix is pretty stable, and has already cure lot of illness that was related to coexisting with systemd on manjaro.
Staying on manjaro-openrc is probably not so good idea, a conversion is flawless, straight forward, especially if the system hasn’t been updated for a week or so.


Hmmm … you know that i had no issues making the USB installer? Both iso worked just fine. From what i could follow, the reason in size between the 2 might be because of new packages added to the iso, but i might be wrong on that :slight_smile:


The reason of different sizes is, that I update the iso from time to time. Its also kind of rolling iso, which reduces massively the size to upload, since only the difference between iso gets uploaded. Mostly its for practical reasons.


Well, it works well for me, and i love it so far :wink:


Imagine you assemble with your students a car.
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Since you share infrastructure, you may want to cooperate. So you do, but you still have the goal to build the car your team wants to build, and you are well aware that your current prototype has some serious shortcomings.
So what do you do to assemble your dream car? Move to your own garage? The prototype works, but as said, has some flaws due to shared garage.


I think it is not a good advice. Manjaro OpenRC systems are still working and getting updates and there is no need to alter a working system. Any responsible user should try the migration procedure on a test system first before risking to bork their work system.

@nadir, don’t appologize for being negative, appologize for being off-topic. There are two topics for emotional emergency situations, one for rants the other for mourning and emotional accomodation.


Humm, yes, if your are not experienced user, this may be good idea.
But, for users familiar with terminal, and conversion is just swapping repo sources, the rest is the same, minus manjaro specific packages. It may sound bold, but the overall system runs more stable than manjaro-openrc, because it all made for non systemd now.
I have now converted 2 arch and two manjaro systems, all went well.
A sane conversion strategy would be to not update manjaro-openrc for one or two weeks, and then make the conversion, and probably switch to unstable.
The normal system upgrade do already a great deal to convert after swapping repos.
I’ll write a manjaro specific guide within next days and post it on this thread in OP.


Very :grin: :grin: :grin:


@Sueridgepipe: I’ll migrate all to systemd ASAP, but them tried autonomously to test Artix (all are able to read the forum) and all (me too) are not able to master the ISO on a USB using Imagewriter, that I used to master practically all the ISO that I tested.

What did you use to master the Artix ISO on a USB Key? This is the only point that I need to solve now :slight_smile: Thanks’

Going back at your thought: are you telling me that, due to the fact that they are simple users, I must to suggest them Ubuntu or Mint, that are not Community Edition, and to put them on a less secure direction? I don’t agree at all. I’m using Manjaro/Openrc from 2 years, Manjaro is a solid distribution (I thought) and till yesterday all was right.

Probably, like in other situations, a communication a little bit more clear, less mystery and a clear migration timing, should be sufficient to avoid almost all the misunderstanding.


What did you use to master the Artix ISO on a USB Key? This is the only point that I need to solve now :slight_smile: Thanks’


did you try dd ?


No, just remember that community editions of any distro are not officially supported, are maintained by small groups of individual users, and as such may be discontinued at some point.

DE community editions are generally less at risk, but not completely immune, whilst more substantial and time consuming community forks can be… Manjaro ARM and Manjaro OpenRC are perfect examples.

One maintainer had no time to maintain ARM, another went in a different direction with openrc, extricating it from Manjaro openrc to potentially become the “official non official” Arch systemd-free distro.

You mentioned “users” that you “support”, which I took to mean in a business sense, but if you only mean friends you help out then just disregard my comment.


I made an ISO using Multiboot and it worked with no problems


Well, there seem to be 3 distinct sources to an artix system.
One installed with the 1 artix.iso, 2 manja-artix, 3 arch-artix
I have two of the above, only the second has not made the step to be transformed. In surface I see the / directory looking different from 1 and 2, like /media and /run/media, is the artix packages on an upgrade including a structural metamorphosis?

I have gotten comfortable in many systems to have speedy access of mounting unmounted volumes through a gui-fm. The same one across all systems. There is a pkg called udisks2 which I believe handles this mounting (I may be wrong though). In some systems it may ask for a sudo/pw in manjaro it doesn’t, just click and you are on. All related pkgs I have searched seem to be the same and installed across systems. In artix I have not made this work yet. None of those are on fstab, I don’t want them mounted, but some times I like to have access to them. Again, I have 0 Arch experience.


I made the tests using Suse Studio ImageWriter and ISOImageWriter from AUR. Worked with both.
Hope this helps!


I tried to apply the conversion step and ok, it work, but a lot of manjaro software are still present (manjaro-settings for example) Tomorrow I’ll repeat the test, with another test HD, and I’ll report a more detailed description.

Now is really too late and today was a heavy day… :slight_smile:


ISOImageWriter has been the solution. I must investigate why SUSE Studio Imagewriter don’t work for me, and not only for me…

Thanks’ !!!


Could someone please point me to an updated guide to move manjaro-openrc into Artix, which is not hosted in For reasons unknown to me, i can’t browse that site, pings are responding from but the browser times out.

PS i got in using a proxy. Maybe some admin went overkill banning my ISP’s ip range :frowning: