Manjaro-openrc will be discontinued



i have it on an other vm (void)

i had a manjaro 32 cause i download the wrong one, since i download the 64 to try
thx by the way


hopefully there is gonna be a plasma spin



:smiley: Good luck in your new project.


Since OpenRC Manjaro is working why would it be so hard to just change the pointers to the new repository? Unless this Artix has been an underground project for a while and has already developed into a very different system.

If a reinstallation is required and this is a project evolving from Arch, not Manjaro, we are talking about a very different system than what we have in Manjaro OpenRC

I think I’m going to fight it with what I got. Then there is runit and other init systems, unless this move is parallel to Debian’s making it intentionally impossible to run without systemd.


Yes, thats the main reason, hence no openrc on manjaro any longer.
We plan to implement runit and s6 as optional init, but openrc remains default.
Technically, all non systemd stuff shares packages without the nasty systemd octopus.
As reference, out of 200 packages in system(core) repo, 60 packages are effected by systemd, and we happily eliminated this.

Generally, artix is not manjaro, will not hand holding the user, will not have dozens of iso out, will not target newbies.

Nope, you could easily add manjaro extra and community repos instead of arch community and extra.
But we do not use manjaro by default, since manjaro packages come in vast majority directly from arch.
Our concept is different, we do not take binary arch packages, we build them ourselves by importing PKGBUILDs that can be taken from arch because they don’t have systemd tied to them.


From Manjaro side we will support OpenRC till this fall and remove all packages with i686 architecture all together from our repos. People using OpenRC will have a migration plan to move to the new project. All using i686 architecture however have to move to another distro as we won’t continue i686.


Which DE’s do you plan on offering, in addition to current lxqt ISO?

Is an openrc specific wiki in the pipeline at some stage?


None. DEs come from arch, we lack workforce to do that currently. We concentrate on the system itself, what is under the hood. Besides that, we will only provide a pure netinstall iso.

I invite you all to contribute, be it wiki, documentation, maintaining a set of packages, help with homepage, whatever. :slight_smile:


Will there be tools to build it if we wish or only the net install? and once again what about the AUR?


Hopefully Artix can provide a solid technical openrc foundation for other distros to fork from, which is what the current openrc movement sorely lacks.


I think that is a good idea then there will not be one dominant Init, they have big goals and I really hope they do well with the project its not only for Openrc it hopefully will help runit/ S6 as they are also more than capable, and all systemd packages have to be rebuilt to run systemd free so it really does make sense.


Interesting projects for sure, I wish the best for Artix, and hope that ALL the non-systemd distro’s like these become stronger together.


I hope it does so well, that they’ll eventually need a seperate distrowatch2 :wink:,
just for all the NON-systemd distro’s -bringing with it many newer users too.


Good idea to unite, and provide a true alternative with quality integration.

  1. What is different so far from the current Manjaro OpenRC?
  2. I understood it will no more use the manjaro build tools? It is so easy to use, why not keep it?
  3. Stiill using XFCE? would it be possible to allow KDE or Maté directly?
  4. Why not use the nice Antergos installer?
  5. At this stage, if you needed help, what profile needed? gfx, develepers, ? (I saw package maintainers obviously)
  6. Regarding design, fonts & integration, maybe take inspiration from the nearly perfect Ubuntu Maté
  7. Please think it is installed on laptops too, so a decent experience out of the box would be nice (aka suspend & hybernate that still work across updates)

I want to Thank you guys for providing us a real alternative to the systemd hydra.


Netinstall only, as said.
Regarding AUR, pretty useless question tbh, we are arch based, go figure.


btw, I tried the ISO, currently it is a NOGO from me:

  • pcmanfm & lxqt feels like going back 7 years ago
  • no pamac?

I am looking for a system friendly to developers, with openrc.
This version seems for sysadmins only ;-(


Not much, except its not manjaro with branches.

We got artools. I don’t spend much time on manjaro-tools without porting them, which has been completed.

Yes, from the repos. You just got an arch system, but without systemd, and we got our own repos.

We use calamares.

Whatever people would like to contribute and be capable to do.

Generally, lot of stuff simply works better, since we don’t have systemd feature enabled packages.

We are not manjaro, the user is in charge to chose the DE and software.


stupid question:
how to add pamac?


No potential legal naming conficts with the Artix gaming company?


personally, I would have picked “Artruix” -just in case? aka short for “true” *ix. :wink:
I luv naming things.
But hey, what’s in a name, when underneath is what counts.