Manjaro-openrc will be discontinued



Thank you very much


I hear you and raise you some :slight_smile:


Well, I guess I have to say something. Good Luck but it is not for me. I like systemd and I really like KDE. So take care, I will miss some of posters. I always enjoyed your comments. I support Manjaro.
peace, out…


I’ll wait until october to see what it became. :disappointed_relieved:
The intentions are quite unclear for me right now.

I myself don’t understand at all why starting by killing such a nicely crafted distribution, just to reinvent the wheel from scratch (from the comments I foresee it will be a lot of work to get a fully fonctionnal DE like Maté or KDE on a laptop).
I am not even sure if over time it will stay Arch based.
no Pamac. No AUR?
It seems like you’re not interested in having users.

Good bye Manjaro, I just installed Antergos with systemd.
I just need a stable a system for work. that will last. Preferably non systemd.
But I can’t pay the latter by a huge amount of days fixing what should be off-the-self in 2017.



nadir, manjaro openrc was a never supported by manjaro, it is community edition by those kind enough to put their expertise behind it.

Im reading a lot of people having knee jerk reactions to this when in reality they should be patient and supportive and possibly help out if they can instead of being emotional wrecks.

Just my 2 cents.


What you are reading things all wrong artix has pacmac if you install the dam thing, it has AUR if you want it. These are total new user statements you are stating. Just because they are not installed by default, this is not “apple” “you will like what we give you” what it does not have is Manjaro tools it has artoo tools instead.
Manjaro is not going anywhere,
Openrc was only a unofficial side project by a few users nothing more now it wants to spread its wings and do its own thing.
I personally think Philm should of announced this then users would be in the loop of things and all would be very clear.

Last point Manjaro is systemd always has been always will be so all you have done is shoot yourself in the foot really by not getting the facts and blind panic


I wish i could make sense of it in a OpenRC topic …


Manjaro is a distro its systemd and always has been
openrc was a unofficial user project not supported by Manjaro.
I personally said at the time it should never been allowed to use the manjaro name as it causes confusion the same as the unofficial manjaro spins do. it should of been based on manjaro or inspired by manjaro to avoid the confusion we now have.


This is something that I don’t understand:

  1. downloaded the ISO
  2. move it to SUSE USBImagewriter and
  3. “Sorry, I can’t write this ISO. You need to use another program to write it to a DVD.”

No problem for me to interact with dd, but I’ve just received the phone calls of 4 users, that I support, cause they are not able to master the Artix ISO on a USB key to do a test. Obviously all have Manjaro/Openrc installed.
I tried also with Gnome Disk Image writer (the goal is to offer them a gui approach and not to spell command by phone or to send mails with command to cut and paste), but the result is a USB unable to boot.

Why did you publish an ISO image different from all the others? With SUSE Imagewriter I was able to write an USB almost all the ISO out there. Please: evaluate this aspect or, tell the user which program to use to master the ISO, and not a generic unusable message.

Last but not least: when I connect at Sourceforge to download the ISO, I’ve the advice that the ISO is 674,5Mb. I downloaded it 2 times (this morning and half an hour ago) and I get 2 ISO: one of 635,1Mb and the last of 627,1Mb. Where is the problem?

Thank you.


Sorry guys for being negative.
I was a happy user of Manjaro Openrc for since the 15.x.
This was my main and only OS for work.

I quit using Manjaro because it is a lot - remember the update disaster with that elogind mess last june?

I used to recommend Manjaro to many people, when I do teaching activities. I sill will do.

ie Manjaro KDE is very good to use.
I know because a lot of students use it because of me.


time to bump this link.


You could have just reinstalled systemd on your manjaro.
Doesn’t made sense to me whatsoever.
I get it, you are disgruntled, I just have absolutely no idea why.
artix is much more solid than manjaro-openrc ever was.


I would never recommend that customers I support use a community edition of a distro, especially a non supported init system.

Arch is officially systemd, Manjaro is officially systemd, the openrc community spin was Artoo’s baby loosely included beneath the Manjaro banner. Square peg, round hole, makes more sense to disentangle Arch based openrc packages into its own distro.

For those waiting for Artix to stabilise and mature, why not just bite the bullet and use Manjaro systemd short term? Is it really that much of a turd sandwich to stomach in the interim?


Apparently, a slight misconception. Artix is pretty stable, and has already cure lot of illness that was related to coexisting with systemd on manjaro.
Staying on manjaro-openrc is probably not so good idea, a conversion is flawless, straight forward, especially if the system hasn’t been updated for a week or so.


Hmmm … you know that i had no issues making the USB installer? Both iso worked just fine. From what i could follow, the reason in size between the 2 might be because of new packages added to the iso, but i might be wrong on that :slight_smile:


The reason of different sizes is, that I update the iso from time to time. Its also kind of rolling iso, which reduces massively the size to upload, since only the difference between iso gets uploaded. Mostly its for practical reasons.


Well, it works well for me, and i love it so far :wink:


Imagine you assemble with your students a car.
Naturally, you would want to build the best car there is.
Now, you are sharing the garage with another team of car builders, who have different views how to approach it.
Since you share infrastructure, you may want to cooperate. So you do, but you still have the goal to build the car your team wants to build, and you are well aware that your current prototype has some serious shortcomings.
So what do you do to assemble your dream car? Move to your own garage? The prototype works, but as said, has some flaws due to shared garage.


I think it is not a good advice. Manjaro OpenRC systems are still working and getting updates and there is no need to alter a working system. Any responsible user should try the migration procedure on a test system first before risking to bork their work system.

@nadir, don’t appologize for being negative, appologize for being off-topic. There are two topics for emotional emergency situations, one for rants the other for mourning and emotional accomodation.


Humm, yes, if your are not experienced user, this may be good idea.
But, for users familiar with terminal, and conversion is just swapping repo sources, the rest is the same, minus manjaro specific packages. It may sound bold, but the overall system runs more stable than manjaro-openrc, because it all made for non systemd now.
I have now converted 2 arch and two manjaro systems, all went well.
A sane conversion strategy would be to not update manjaro-openrc for one or two weeks, and then make the conversion, and probably switch to unstable.
The normal system upgrade do already a great deal to convert after swapping repos.
I’ll write a manjaro specific guide within next days and post it on this thread in OP.