Manjaro OpenRC 17.0.2 Xfce ISO

Likely the last release of the Manjaro OpenRC Xfce ISO, see this announcement for more details.

Packages include:

  • Linux 4.9.39
  • OpenRC 0.26.3
  • Eudev 3.2.2
  • Elogind 231.4

Changes since last release (17.0.1):

  • Includes newer version of the Calamares which fixes a bug that generated weak password hashes.

  • Package updates.

  • Minor theme and application changes.



If intending to migrate to Artix, I found doing a clean install and adapting it as per taste to be simpler / easier than migrating an existing install.

This has been a nice ride with you guys. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for this and all the ones that came before.

They keep telling me what wonderful news all this is, and how I should be happy. Maybe they’re right and maybe I will be.

For now it’s wait-and-see mode, fingers crossed that they’ll sort out the migration bugs and holes before ‘support’ for your ‘unsupported’ spin ends: officially or unofficially.

Edit, some hours later: Installed (flawlessly with no updates available) to HDD. I’ll use this partition to test the migration when necessary, before committing to it on my SSD.

Did a clean install of this latest ISO, working well :heart_eyes_cat: Thank you for your work!!! I’ve only recently familiarized myself with the systemd drama, so I’ve tried to stay objective and give the benefit of the doubt, but now I see it for the toxic mess it is, and seems like the sentiment is growing among users. Looks like DNS is one of its newest endeavors :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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Just talking from personal experience, migration wasn’t too difficult. Even with a guide where I found some errors, even a 1:00 at night. And the result is a more finished look. But if you get your profile migratied to artix, then a net install of Xfce with Calamares can be a better idea, since artix already has got Pamac and some more GUI stuff.

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