Manjaro OpenRC 17.0.2 Xfce ISO [beta]

For anyone experiencing the problem, this might be solution.
I think this is because sound card order changes at boot sometimes. I have added alsa-base.conf to /etc/modprobe.d/
with this content
options snd_oxygen index=0
options snd_hda_intel index=1

My default card should be oxygen, and so far so good, sound starts every time.
Obviously card names have to reflect the installed cards. lsmod | grep snd will list device names.

I am no expert, just experimenting and sharing my findings :slight_smile:

I dont know TBH, I didnt try it. If it works better than this one let me know.

Judging by the feedback so far though it seems plain ALSA is the simpler / popular choice, leaving it to the users to install pulse or some variant of it if desired.

I appreciate all kinds of feedback, negative and positive :slight_smile:

@NGIB MTP used to work before when we using ConsoleKit; after the switch to elogind maybe some of it broke. With the new setup (like adding uucp group) it works out of the box for me with my Android phone, I dont have any music player so cant check that. If you can provide some sort of logs that highlight the problem or the solution I can look into it.

@thefallenrat thx for the backing dude :slight_smile:

@robinw0800 uucp group is added by default; commit.

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Have you considered Opera browser? I used it for at least 15 years as my only browser in Windows world, until they went Google way (chromium).
It doesn’t care about pulseaudio, works with alsa only. It comes with many built in features which are add-ons in Firefox, like speed dial, mouse gestures, ad blocker, script blocker etc. It also has tons of extensions to add, themes…
And it’s fast!

I note its only been added to the openrc-xfce-profile could this also be migrated to all profiles?

Testing android mtp support, have some weird results:

Before installing android-udev package and adding user to adbusers group:

  • After login -> Connect phone -> enable mtp in phone -> Result: connection refused.

  • Logout -> Login -> able to connect.

After installing the package and adding user to group:

  • able to connect in all cases

Will try an ISO with package installed and user added in group and see if it works OOTB.

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Should these isos maybe be pulled @aaditya, since Manjaro OpenRC is no longer being supported?

It probably wouldn’t be a good experience for a new user to install this now.

I agree @cimarronline @aaditya @Manjaro-Team

It’s not supported anymore. That is unfortunate. I was kind of hoping that this would not be the case in spite of the new distribution.

I’ll rectify the installer to reflect this. May you have success in your endeavors!

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How did we get from “will be discontinued” to “not supported effective immediately” in the space of a day?

If autumn is deadline, then its wise to take manjaro openrc iso offline, since users will face the discontinuation…

Is there an announcement saying so? Why and how did this happen???!??! :scream::fearful:

Sad news for all fighting Borg, aka Lennartware.
We can just hope that the saga ends like it did in Star Trek, Borg was destroyed…
Big hopes I know…

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I will probably be releasing an updated ISO that fixes the installer generating weak password and some other bugs with a link to the discontinuation announcement, this can be used for migration to Artix as well if it works well enough.


artix community

to help each other figure out solutions to running problems

I have been testing some things, my thoughts are as follows:

  • Didnt find the migration to be simple enough: the steps to migrate help a lot but it is a complicated process in my opinion with manually needing to remove and reinstall some packages, and also needing to move some config files before new packages can be installed / updated. At the end of it I was not even sure if I had done it right…

  • A franken Manjaro - Artix setup (with core Artix repos and some Manjaro repos) seems a bit hacky to me: if things break, do we go to Artix or Manjaro for support?

Keeping the above points in mind a clean install feels like the cleaner / simpler solution.



I wanted to make a comparison of the 2 process and ended up in a deadlock.
I successfully migrated the latest openrc xfce from manjaro to artix but was unable to install artix from the latest media (lxqt/base) in VB.
I wanted to compare the packages after migration and from a clean install, so I have all the info from the migration but none for the rest.
I already have since several months a franken-manjaro with Obarun and no particular problems as long as I rebuild some packages myself.

Sorry for this inconvenience. A new iso should be uploaded tonight.
We changed and expanded artix keyring, so the current iso doesn’t work.

I had actually the issue with the keyring, which I could manage partially/manually but from the Calamares installer I had an issue with the profile which could not be retrieved:

Which does not exist in the repo.

Will try later when the new iso are uploaded.

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