Manjaro Openbox no Japanese characters

Since the installation of Manjaro Openbox on my laptop it hasn't been able to render Japanese character, I assume it would be the same for other special characters.
I haven't experienced this problems on an i3 and XFCE install.
I just want to be able to see these characters not install full Japanese support.
Bellow I add an image of what I see in place of Japanese characters.

Openbox is a minimal install i.e. you have to add stuff.
try : pacman -Ss japanese fonts
to search for some.

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That's maybe this problem.


Install noto-fonts-cjk and that should cover most Asian languages.

You can install the whole noto line if you want to make sure everything is covered.

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That was the solution.
I only had noto-fonts installed.
Once I installed noto-fonts-cjk the issue was solved.

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