Manjaro OpenBox looks somehow strange in my eyes

I've recently had a look on Manjaro Openbox 20 in VirtualBox. And I must admit that I got shocked:
The standard layout is not really to my liking (I don't really like the colour red; yes, I know, I can change and customize it). [I think the change in theming came even earlier, not sure though).

Somehow the corporate identity of Manjaro got lost here with this red-theming. No Manjaro green/turquoise anymore.
Don't get me wrong, it's great if you're innovative. I'd just like to say that compared to all other Manjaro community editions the latest OpenBox version is furthest away speaking of corporate design.

What do you think?

Is one man show = @linux-aarhus - and he did a tremendous job with it. Personal taste made it to be as it is, and was never meant to tackle everybody's taste. Also none of the community releases have anything to do with the Manjaro Company identity (is not a corporate as you put it, not yet). :slight_smile:

Speaking of design, get in touch with the team and share your design ideas.


Interesting. I didn't know that the community editions are independent in terms of design from Manjaro official. - I've up to now always had the impression that also the community editions have a kind of company identity in terms of design.

Yes, I do admit that linux-aarhus did a great job with OpenBox.

If it not part of the three main support desktop. Xfce, kde, and GNOME. It all part of the community support. They have more room to change it to their liking. So it becomes it own things. Even if it supported by one of manjaro dev.

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You are correct - it looks strange when compared to the official editions.


I gave the openbox edition a try in virtualbox some time ago. I agree that it is completely different from the look&feel as well as the theming. But most of it, I assume, is due to the fact that openbox is a different animal anyways.


Congratulations I have just given your OB a spin I actually like the way you have made it yours not just another OB spin good work,


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