Manjaro Openbox ISO rebuild


Openbox ISO rebuild 18.0.4-19153


Full ISO

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Minimal ISO

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full and minimal for a minimal desktop. love that!



Unfortunately it seems that the noobfriendly installer (Install Manjaro in the main desktop menu) has been neglected.

When selecting partitions manually, you cannot really edit much. I was unable to change the filesystem type of the largest partition. And even after editing the little things you can, the Next button will not be active, so it is futile.

I was able to "replace" whatever was on my disk earlier and install that way, and the installer reported success, but after reboot I ended up in grub rescue.

Edit: Ah, I see now that I can edit things when manually partitioning, if I first select format on the relevant partition.

However, the point is that at first I installed by replacing whatever was on the hard disk, and this should be the simplest way of installing. Now after trying a couple of times, I see that when installing this simplest way, I must pick the mount points myself. The defaults do not have the mountpoints that would result in an installation that works.

From two years ago I seem to remember that installation of Manjaro was a bit noobfriendlier. Maybe I remember wrong. It's been a long time since I installed Manjaro last time.



You can launch it from the desktop root menu. Just right click your mouse.

If you fancy desktop icons - then install the package pcmanfm and add this command to the file ~/.config/openbox/autostart

pcmanfm --daemon-mode --desktop &