Manjaro OpenBox - external hd not mounting anymore

dear all,
a couple of days ago had this issue:
Decided to copy everything from the ssd (and the internal hd), get a new one (and a new hd too).
Earlier today I realized there was a folder in the hd I still hadn't copied or backupped earlier.
Plugged a portable Seagate, and dragged the folder.
Copying started, until it seemed stuck while copying a photo, estimated time left changed from a couple of minutes to 5 hours, Openbox windows turned transparent and copying stopped (in the meantime Firefox, terminal... opened and worked without problems).
Killed the OpenBox process, restarted and everything pretty fine... except that now the hd (NTFS) dosen't mount anymore, if I try to mount it I get an error message that blames an "Unknown Error".
The hd doesn't mount on another pc with Manjaro Mint, neither on a laptop with Sabayon Linux.
It does mount if I boot the same laptop in Windows 10...
However not that practical when I'll have to copy back all that stuff on the new ssd and hd...
Any ideas/solutions?


forgot to add. The hd is seen in the filesystem, also Disks sees it... should I repair/do something to it with Disks?

Have you tested when you mounted it in Windows if you can successfully write to the drive?
It honestly sounds like the drive is dying.

In Gnome Disks have you checked the SMART on the drive?

Please boot to a Windows installation and run a chkdisk /f drive:

The filemanager operation is probably what crashed your system. It is possible that the drive has errors.

After you have repaired the filesystem in Windows please use Gnome Disks as suggested to see if the drive is failing or having physical errors.

sorry replying only now but had to go out.
Also replying to @SinisterBrain here.
Yes, in Windows I could write to the drive.
It's a brand new drive, I honestly don't expect it's already failing, well I know anything can happen but still...
Anyway, following @linux-aarhus I plugged the drive to the laptop, booted straight into Windows and it started to repair the hd all by itself while booting... after that I plugged it back in the machine I was working with when everything happened, hd mounted and I've now been also writing on it without any more issues.
Disks doesn't seem to help because the smart test command in the menu is greyed.
However, unless you the experts advise me otherwise I'd just leave things as they are, with many thanks to the both of you for the advise and Microsoft for having (apparently) fixed it :smiley:

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Good - you got it fixed.

NTFS is a closed source proprietary Microsoft filesystem.

Only Microsoft Windows can fix error with the filesystem - which is why the recommended boot to Windows.


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