Manjaro Openbox Edition 17.1.8



yummy, :yum: I luv Opening Boxes.


is there anyway to download these configurations to install along my existing installation? @fhdk


Thanks, I already downloaded the new iso. I’ll test it and report in a short while.

Aside from this ISO, and maybe this is the wrong place to report, but I assume you maintain the openbox packages on the stable branch.
If not, please tell me where to post this to be looked into.

Trying to update my regular virtualbox with openbox installed on top of a 16.08-XFCE ISO, I get:

:: Starting full system upgrade...
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
error: unresolvable package conflicts detected
error: failed to prepare transaction (conflicting dependencies)
:: manjaro-openbox-common and manjaro-openbox-settings are in conflict

I already reported several times (in stable announcements) about conflicts during updates, when it comes to openbox packages.

I wonder if changes to openbox packages can be handled without these conflicts?

Since Manjaro is a rolling release, its logical to assume that old installations have old openbox packages that are still in use.
This is the case with my laptop. An installation from several years back, when openbox was a formal edition.


I am working on it. Which brings me to the next answer

I do

Unfortunately not.

The reason that package conflicts arise is duplicate files. Since per definition the settings package for each edition conflicts it is not possible to install the editions alongside each other.

Since I am working on a way to install the packages which makes the openbox functionality I have moved several vital files from the settings package to the common package.

I didn’t realize that some of you have older installations of openbox but since the manjaro-openbox-settings package contained the scripts necessary to generate pipe menus etc it is impossible to come by without conflict of one or the oter manjaro-openbox-settings package.

Please see the Issues wiki post - Package conflicts.

I will create a meta package for the particular openbox edition and I will post here when done.

Sorry for any inconvenience

Please provide link the post(s)


Please see the wiki post under issues with VirtualBox installs.


Here are some links from fairly recent updates:
[stable update] 2018-03-23
[stable update] 2018-03-14
[stable update] 2018-04-14

I understand about the need to retire things as part of renewing the openbox edition. (and huge thanks and kudos for doing it. It was the reason I installed Manjaro in the first time. Openbox).

However, here’s what I got when I removed manjaro-openbox-settings manually (so I can update my above-mentioned- virtualbox system):

A list of dependent items that when removed, broke a lot.

big image

Obmenu-generator, tint2, something that caused the pamac-tray to disappear are the visible problems I could fix.

I won’t know what else is broken, because somethings are dependencies and some, will only surface when I’ll try to use something.

(TBH, I can’t remember half of what I installed or why, because it was so long ago, and because, as a test system, I just try almost everything I think interesting).

Now I am updating my laptop (which is the one installed around 2012/3 with openbox) and I added manjaro-openbox-settings to the ignore list. At least for now.

Will I have issues not updating this package?


Why do you need manjaro-openbox-common? It can obviously not be part of the openbox edition since it conflicts with manjaro-openbox-settings … What is going on here?


I am glad you brought it up. I am not always aware of all implications of certain changes.

From you image it is apparent that it is the openbox-settings from my edition.

Can you confirm that manually uninstalling the package using only the -R switch leaves the other packages?

But not all of it.

These packages are part of current edition

ttf-roboto            # used as default font
ttf-polybar-icons     # used by polybar
ttf-material-icons    # used by polybar
ttf-ionicons          # has been removed - not used
ttf-icomoon-icons     # used by polybar
ttf-font-logos        # used by polybar
ttf-font-awesome      # used by polybar

I appreciate the info you are giving me

Issue from 2018-03-23
Those are files used as skeleton when adding a new user.
Those files can either be removed prior to updating - or overwritten by using --force.

Issue from 2018-03-14
The package openbox-scripts has been removed as a dependency for the settings package. The issue will resolve by uninstalling the settings package.

Issue from 2018-04-14
You got me! That is weird. May be missing any of these



Why do you not instead remove manjaro-openbox-common? It is neither needed by your xfce nor your openbox installation!


It is correct.

The content - scripts - have been moved from the settings package to the common package - hence the conflict.

And part of the process of making it possible to install openbox besides any other edition without conflicts.


Point is, I don’t see the package manjao-openbox-common used by any profile… So why do we have it at all?? :wink:


manjaro-openbox-common is the scripts and settings which creates the openbox environment.

It is installed by the Packages-Desktop file when creating the ISO


I am confused. Since it conflicts with your settings package, it cannot be installed in the openbox edition. Especially why would @Monro need it for his installation?


If I mark openbox-settings-common to be removed (on pamac), it selects the openbox-settings as well.
It seems they are related or depended
Anyway, I am trying @fhdk suggestion of removing the package in pacman.
Will report shortly as reply to main conversation.


Yes they are mixed - if you try installing the common package on a machine where you have xfce you will get conflicts on the /etc/skel/ folder as some of the files might actually exist from a previous install.


OK, I removed openbox-settings manually with pacman, as you suggsted, and indeed, it removed only that single package.
So updating after that went well.

As for the issues I reported, I did remove the skeleton files and was able to update, but its not the first time the files to be updated conflict with skeleton files. However, it seems to be an issue only for openbox, so I report them when it happens.

The issue from 4-14 was resolved by replacing compton with compton-git (as was suggested on that thread by someone.

BTW, I took a chance and updated my laptop as well.
Pacman had conflict only with openbox-setting and offered to remove it.
I agreed and the update worked well.


I am relieved - I was beginning to sweat :slight_smile:

It seems Pamac has an unorthodox way of coping with those conflicts :slight_smile:

Please keep me informed by mentioning me so I may keep up.


I asked on the old forums once that maintainers will be aware that those who install openbox might install XFCE as backup, and to not remove some basic package.
Instead, a warning was added (can’t remember which package it was).
I think it still applied:
openbox and XFCE should be assumed to co-exist.


@fhdk and @oberon: those machine-id issues may point to a broken ISO. @fhdk which manjaro-tools version do you use? The git-version sometimes was broken lately.


Some people pay for sweating establishments :wink: