Manjaro Openbox - autologin problem


I am trying to understand what the reason for this is: the current openbox distro has some trouble at autologin, but not always. I have made sure that my user has the autologin group, and this feature does work sometimes, but it feels like every time I start up the laptop after being shut down overnight, it directs me to the user login screen instead of starting the system directly with the autologin user.

Also, what is the name of the login screen app? Can it be replaced?


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It's lightdm with lightdm-slick-greeter and yes you can replace it with other Display Manager. For example XFCE also use lightdm but with lightdm-gtk-greeter.

I had set autologin in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and didn't have any issues, so I don't know. Maybe someone here will know what is going on.

Hi :smiley:

It turns out this newer version uses lxdm-greeter, which I replaced with lightdm-slick-greeter which at least autoselects my (only) user so I can just enter the password - a step up! However, setting autologin-user to my user does not have any effect (it seems). I even checked the logs for lightdm and autologin turns out to be successful, but I still have to login with a password for some reason. I am baffled, like I said, this worked initially, but after a few restarts, it stopped working.


I don't use autologin - but as you have noted - Openbox uses lxdm greeter.

While lxdm do provide some autologin - it's probably most painless to replace it with lightdm and lightdm-slick-greeter as the autologin works best with lightdm.

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Aw, I didn't know that Openbox now is using lxdm oops

lxdm is the displaymanager created for lxde and lxqt and it works great.

There is however some issues I can't get around - espeicially when using multiple monitors and the colored background appearing a split second just before the wallpaper is displayed.

If I can't figure out to solve those issues using lxdm - I may consider reverting to lightdm as before - maybe figuring out a new theme :slight_smile:

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I'm testing lightdm-gtk-greeter right now and it's working pretty nice with Openbox. On slick greeter I had gray background before wallpaper was loaded after login and fonts in tint2 panel wasn't rendered properly (didn't try polybar). Changing sleep 1 to sleep 2 fix issue. With gtk greeter on single screen fonts looks good, but on dual they are rendering same as with slick greeter. I was planing to tell you after I figure out issue with dual screen. I doubt it's because it's old VGA screen, anyway lightdm and gtk-greeter work smooth and I didn't notice more CPU or RAM usage :slight_smile:

Using lightdm-slick-greeter, unfortunately, does not solve the problem. There must be something I am missing.

Install the package lightdm-settings.

lightdm-settings is a settings manager for lightdm-slick-greeter.

Launch the settings manager and setup your autologin.

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