Manjaro OpenBox - a few questions

hi to everybody :slight_smile:
I've pretty recently changed the ssd of my Dell pc, and thus reinstalled the os and everything.
As before I've reinstalled Manjaro OpenBox, it works well but there are a few minor points I'd like to fix (sure all of these are already answered somewhere in the docs but I'd like not too spend too much time on that, sorry).

1- How do I delete the "shortcut keys" and "system info"? I don't really look at them, and also with the photos I use as background right they're next to invisible.
2 - why in the Settings menu do I have 2 "Preferred Applications" applications, and how do I get rid of them?
[to be continued]

Right click desktop ->

  • Preferences ->
  • Conky ->
  • Conky Chooser ->
  • deselect and click OK

One of the Preferred applications belongs to PCManFM which is used on the live ISO to show desktop icons.

If you don't use PCManFM you can uninstall it using

sudo pacman -Rns pcmanfm-gtk3
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Does deselect actually stop conky from starting?
Or would it not be better to remove it from autostart in some other way?

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3- the top (tint2?) bar: how do I delete the volume icon (as I already have one at the right bottom corner) I don't want a 2nd one up there, also why the bottom one opens AlsaMixer and the top one Volume Control? Do I really need both?
4- How do I edit the application menu (the "big", colourful one coming out of the Manjaro logo at the top left? I'd like to get rid of the Mail Reader in the Internet submenu (don't have any on this machine).

Many thanks :slight_smile:
& have a nice day!

well, so far it worked, let see when I'll restart... :smiley:

A simple GUI for editing polybar is available in Root Menu -> Preferences -> Polybar -> Polybar GUI

Select the file(s) you want to edit and click OK.

The top is polybar - you add/remove modules by editing the file ~/.config/polybar/config

They would start again so you are correct - comment the line in autostart

# manjaro-conky-session &

The application menu (jgmenu) can only be changed by removing the first 3 items and the last 3 items. The rest is auto-generated - just like the Applications entry in the Root menu and the Rofi launcher. Files for jgmenu is in ~/.config/jgmenu


... but you were right, they're back after restart, now... I just have to delete

### launch conky
manjaro-conky-session &

from autostart and that's it?

thanks, going to do that :slight_smile:

You can 'comment' it out by adding a # in front .. for posterity and such.

@linux-aarhus ah. you beat me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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