Manjaro openbox 19.02 sha1sum is not good


I downloaded latest manjaro openbox from this page

The sha1sum on the page is indicated as SHA1: c574382b4b6e16531c4d82844281714782f55235
but my sha1sum is f36958472857563edcf4d33e70862aae0887f167

I downloaded the ISO twice to be sure, and I have still the same sha1sum with the downloaded ISO. Is the ISO available for download corrupted ?


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The checksum depicted on the homepage is wrong/old.
The right one is in the file in the same folder as the ISO file on OSDN
And it sais
f36958472857563edcf4d33e70862aae0887f167 manjaro-openbox-19.0.2-minimal-200307-linux55.iso
So, the file you downloaded is fine. Just the homepage needs to be updated.


Thank you for the quick answer.

When a trusted maintainer uploads a new ISO - the maintainer has the choice of updating the corresponding download page.

This works for the source but it seems the actual update for the web server needs a little work.

As already mentioned the checksums is available at the download location

The deployment tools adds links and checksums as latest files at the corresponding services makes available.

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