Manjaro-Openbox 17.1.11



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direct | sig | sha1 | sha256 | torrent

If you would like to install it manually please see these snippets

Openbox download links on website are broken
Mabox to Manjaro Openbox migration

Hello, it appears that trying to change the ‘Widget’ setting using lxappearance does not change the overall window theme, as it appears to do. Reopening the application shows that it reverts to the default theme.

Also, running

cat ~/.gtkrc-2.0

Shows that the setting has been saved, however it refuses to show. Any fix for this, or is it an upstream issue?

Update to add: The ‘Adapta-Nokto-Eta-Maia’ theme is applied upon login, however a few seconds later something kicks in and reverts it back to ‘Adapta-Eta-Maia’.

Also, gparted seems to not be installed, but that is easily remedied.

All in all, this appears to be a fine release. Reminds me of my Crunchbang days.


Gparted is only on the live iso.

Since it is mostly gtk3 apps then you might want to change using the xfce4-settings-manager.

Otherwise it must be upstream.


It never does. You need obconf or lxapperance-obconf.
lxapperance can set gtk3 theme just fine, afaik.


well - all three are present and accounted for :slight_smile:


I have just adjusted the download links for the full version. They were pointing to non-existent files :wink: - working now.


This is one of the best openbox distros I`ve seen.
Good job!


It works like a charme. Nice work! Thanx.


Ups - I forgot to correct the copy paste from your i3 post :frowning:


Thank you for the xfce4-settings-manager suggestion, that worked out nicely. :slight_smile:


it appears gparted is either not on the live ISO, or I’m an idiot and doing something wrong. :confused:


I have checked with the Packages-Live file and it must have changed while I was looking the other way :slight_smile:

In fact 2 packages are missing

  • gparted
  • testdisk

I will fix that for the next ISO


Does not start LightDM.

journalctl -xe

lightdm.service: Filed with result ‘exit-code’
File to start Light Display Manager.


where can I find the configuration or better dotfiles of the manjar openbox? I’m wanting to change my i3wm to openbox and with dotfiles made by the manjaro community and another question what packages do I need to add?


You can find instructions on manual installation at gitlab


thanks so much