Manjaro on TUXEDO Polaris 17: a good idea?

I’m evaluating to buy a new laptop and asking myself if “TUXEDO Polaris 17” with " AMD Ryzen 7 4800H | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti | Full-HD IPS matt 144Hz" would be an option.
Do someone has experience with that laptop?
How easy would it be to migrate an existing Manjaro installation to this hardware with that GPU?

Sorry for not providing a link to the website of the laptop but currently I’m not allowed to post links.

Hey, that is a really nice machine. I have a AMD Ryzen 5, and Manjaro installs quite well. Simple approach: Copy all the things you want to save such as pictures, music, browser bookmarks and whatever to a DVD or USB stick. Then do a new install on your new machine, then copy your personal items from your backup to the new install. Then enjoy your new hot machine.

I see you are a gamer, if you have a lot of games installed, then someone else will have to help you with that

good luck


Simply put, if it’s from tuxedo, any modern Linux distribution will run on that machine. And: since it’s from tuxedo, you can ask them to implement a partitioning of your choice, so you could think of doing one partition for /home and data and two separate / partitions, with one being the tuxedo-Linux and one being empty (for any other kind of Linux that you want to try).

I have a BM1507 from them and am really satisfied.

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