Manjaro on rtx 3060ti impossible?

Hello, two weeks ago I made a bootable usb with manjaro kde that I used for my laptop and everything worked great, not too long ago i bough a SSD and wanted to install manjaro on it, to use it on my laptop and my main computer. The SSD work great with my laptop but it doesn’t work with my main computer.

It shows me the grub to choose between manjaro and windows but when i click on manjaro it get stuck here and never get me to the OS : (it seems i can’t post image so I will describe) it get blocked on the homepage of the motherboard I think mine is a b450f gaming so it show the republic of gamers logo

after that i tried my bootable usb on my main computer to install manjaro on it but This time it got stuck here : [OK] reached target graphical interface

So I did some research for about five hours and did some things but nothing worked so here I am, I tested it on another laptop and it worked so maybe it is because my main computer have the new RTX 3060 ti from nvidia, i don’t know at all.

Help will be appreciated, thanks !

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If the video card on your laptop and desktop are different; Then you probably need different drivers installed and configured for your Manjaro when using proprietary drivers.
It should work when using the free drivers because they are generic.

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Are you saying you installed manjaro in the laptop on the ssd and then just plugged it into the other PC ?
That wont work for a number of reasons.
Boot up a live image on the machine and go from there.
(for new nvidia … you probably want to try to have latest kernels and use proprietary drivers)

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Thank you for answering, I don’t remember if I chose proprietary or non free when installing on my SSD, I will try again with free and keep you updated

Thank you for answering, I installed it on an external SSD so normally they should be no problem normally
I tried to boot on my main pc with a bootable USB but like I said it got stuck on :
[OK] reached target graphical interface for hours.
I actually want to have manjaro on my SSD, i am a student so I would like when I go to school to just connect my external SSD on my laptop and when I get back home, connect my SSD to my main computer, that’s why I need to have manjaro on SSD

Alright so i installed free drivers manjaro, on my ssd but it stills get blocked at the republic of gamers screen. so it didn’t work

Hey gang, if you want to install fresh manjaro on 30 rtx series you can use architect installer, and at the end of the installation you can chroot into the OS and install 455xx driver. That works for me.

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Wait wait wait let me get this straight. You installed the OS on an EXTERNAL drive? ummmm…may I ask why?

In a previous post they said they want to boot their laptop at school from the external drive and at home plug their drive in the main pc and boot from that. I don’t know why, but maybe to have one and the same identical install across machines? Or to be able to also use either machine in the default Windows state?

Oh yeah I totally missed that but at the same time I wonder why not just use a thumb drive.

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I’ll try that thank you, I’ll keep you updated

Hey, I’m not an English native so I searched some things but for me there is not enough space in a thub drive

So i tested this and it worked, now my main pc with the rtx 3060ti work but my laptop with a gtx 1650 does not work anymore and I just get a black when launching it. any ideas ?