Manjaro on OTT MXQ s805


Hi guys! Anyone may help me install Manjaro on my S805 device? I figured out how to start the manjaro, but just manjaro console(tt1). I do not know how start the installer or Desktop Environment. I really want help with Manjaro on this device. Let me know where i should getting start.
Sorry about my bad english i still too beginner on the language.


There is no “installer” for ARM devices as such. You take the image and dump it on the SD card, and that’s your installed system.
The minimal editions does not come with a desktop environment. So you have to install those and all that is needed for it to run, yourself.

Let me know if some packages are required, but not in the repositories. I can add those that are needed.


Ok. I got it. I see one thing: the internal eMMC/MMC doesn’t appear in fdisk. Last night i tried dump sd card to internal storage, but i am unable to see in fdisk. Another point is: this image has missing ntfs and iso mount option. Those packages are necessary, i think. While i can’t access internal storage i will try build a NASM package.


The system needs to be booted from that disk. If it can’t see the internal eMMC, it probably means the filesystem is encrypted.

I believe Android might do some encrypting, so you can’t see the disk, unless the device is rooted.


Sould be the android. But i did a search on /dev folder and i figured out a device there what could be the internal disk. I will try any way to transfer manjaro to internal disk.


Hi again. I have a problem, i did a factory reset on android and i unable to start manjaro again. I try a lot of the dtb files until it works again, but with debian image. I need know how to start the manjaro kernel from aml_autoscript i am able to start any file but i dont know what manjaro kernel name. Do you understand? My poor english is so sick :cold_sweat:.


Rewrites the bootloader


Thank you. But i got that uboot working from another distro a need just know what kernel filename to point in aml_autoscript


What I have read so far from the article that your OTT MXQ s805 continues
has an Android Firmware, this device should upgrade to a Linux Firmware
to get. Before you get started, check out articles like OTT MXQ s805 TWRP followed by Armbian-Linux-on-OTT MXQ s805.


Hi again. I have read somethings more about the uboot. On the boot folder i see uImage(kernel i supposed ) and uboot.bin, any those is the kernel of manjaro? I need get the kernel.img to come back to work. Just rename a file to match with aml_autoscript


To run the system on S805 regularly, it is better not to use a script named aml_autoscript. This name is reserved by the system for service purposes (firmware update, u-boot update, error correction, etc.). It is better to create your own version of script s805_autoscript , which is used in the system of universal multi-boot. If necessary, I can help with the creation of such a script.


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