Manjaro on old iMac

Anyone already tried installing Manjaro on an old iMac (2010-2012)?

I 'm thinking about grabbing one cheap and get a neat desktop all in one pc for home. (surfing, typing, cs:go, mupen64)

We can’t make hardware or product recommendations
but we can recommend some resources of knowledge,_Mid_2010)

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I installed Manjaro in a Late 2009 iMac a few months ago. Overall it worked fine, but there were two problems that I couldn’t resolve: system does not return from suspend and screen brightness control doesn’t work fine.

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Agreed, I didn’t want a recommendation, but experience. :slight_smile:

Perfect. I don’t know, how similar the vanilla Arch experience is with hardware to manjaro styled linux. (Like debian/ubuntu there are so many differences …)

Ty :slight_smile: