Manjaro on Gnome lagging from time to time

My laptop is lagging/freezing for a few seconds often. I have no resource-hungry applications running. I checked the task manager. I can recognize this when I try to switch tabs or open applications. Everything was working perfectly before. I suspect this might be Gnome-related problem. I’m not sure. I’m running the latest stable Manjaro version, with all packages up to date. I also have to say that the mouse pointer is moveable (not frozen) when all else seems to freeze. Nothing responds when I click. But I’m able to click and work with the stuff on the status bar. I could lock and log in back again, but it didn’t solve the problem when it was just frozen till I restarted Gnome (Alt+F2 - r).

Laptop - HP Pavillion 15
CPU - Intel i7 7th-gen 7500U
HDD 1TB (plenty left free on both home and root partitions)

I have experienced this two or three times, during the activities exposition. I Had to press the power button, because I couldn’t even change to another TTY to reboot my Dell Inspiron properly.

am facing a similar issue.

when i press the show applications button sometimes the icons in the applications menu are overlapping each other & the screen is frozen, keyboard unresponsive, mouse cursor moves but unable to click.

switching off is the only option to get out of it.