Manjaro on Android

On Android there is an app called Andronix, which helps you install Manjaro using Termux, but this version of Manjaro is ARM and it is incomplete, it does not even include the Manjaro desktop environment.

Can anyone help me install Manjaro ARM on my Android phone using Termux or virtualization via Limbo ARM?

I would thank that very much. Beforehand thank you very much.

I don’t understand what this means. Manjaro doesn’t create desktop environments. You can use any desktop environment you want.

You need to pay for the modded version for a complete version. But that’s modded by Andronix, not Manjaro team.

Manjaro team doesn’t have any versions made for Android.

There is no way to use an ARM version of full handle without having to pay on my Android phone?

You can use the regular version from Andronix. Then customize the rest of it yourself.

Audio will not work (personal experience), so you have to pass audio through your phone yourself somehow.

Andronix modded version has the audio server set up themselves.

I can not buy the Andronix version, I do not have money, I have a little manjaro, I already put Octicic, but I have not been able to put the theme of Manjaro in XFCE, I would like to install KDE but I do not know how to install it and be able to start it for VNC