Manjaro OEM ISO

Netinstall is tough to do for oem system. I would not sell manjaro machine installed with architect without testing it first. Plus it's a lot of work per machine, especially if you run it from iso and don't have pacman cache. For oem purposes, maybe a gui iso creation tool would be more useful? You could test the settings beforehand, guarantee the result and install it quicker on new systems.

I really prefer netinstall, but I think it might not be the best choice here.

I think you miss the point.

  1. Boot a reference system using the OEM ISO
  2. Select edition and install the minimal profile
  3. Reboot
  4. Customize
  5. Test
  6. Finalize
  7. Clone device (Clonezilla)
  8. Store image

When a system is sold

  • boot Clonezilla
  • restore image onto system
  • ship to customer
  • customer turns on system
  • Calamares OOBE loads
  • End user configure locale etc.
  • Reboot

Why do it this way?

This is not targeted end users

  • there is no need for extensive precautions
  • it is assumed it is a person with Linux experience

The benefits for the system reseller is

  1. One ISO for all editions
  2. Tech can customize and test the system
  3. If not finalized the technician can restart the system and troubleshoot
  4. Upon finalizing
  • the Calamares OOBE modules is installed
  • the OEM tool removed
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Aah, then it makes sense if you do imaging separately. Good idea!

Thanks for your work. :wink:

I'm not using xfce but I will be ready to test it with the Gnome desktop or with the Gnome edition.

Very good idea as no OEM installation is available on Manjaro.

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