Manjaro Notifier Popup

I'm trying out different desktop environments this week and am currently using XFCE. As you can see from the shot I have been playing with Whisker Menu settings. While doing so I was surprised to see a very old fashioned speech balloon notification popup in the left corner of the screen.

If you aren't already intending to do so, please consider coding it to use the XFCE notification system for a more uniform approach.

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On the same manjaro install? I mean without doing a clean install everytime? If it's the case you certainly left over an other notification system like as dunst. (Not sure about the name right now).

nope it's clean install, there's no crossovers. The same can be recreated running the live ISO actually.

Battery status, pamac both triggered the XFCE notification as I would have expected manjaro notifier to.

I think only for KDE there is a MSM native notifier. Not quite sure why is not so on other DEs, nor what would need to be changed ...

Msm should be modified to use notify-send, so notifications would use the native system on all desktops automatically.


MSM dependencies on gitlab indicate it's Qt Framework based. This at least possibly explains why it's not able to use the XFCE GTK based native notification system. If @philm can somehow implement the excellent notify-send modification suggested by Matti above then all would be good :slight_smile:

EDIT - Issue opened based on that idea, thanks!

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