Manjaro not work on Pinebook pro

I have a Pinebook pro.
Manjaro became the main system for some reason. So, I have a couple of reasons to say that your system is down:

  1. Your system does not support the external display on my device. You just stopped supporting this mode. You advertise a device and your system doesn’t work on it… omg… facepalm…
  2. Your system breaks itself when installing and removing the linux-lts package. My device can no longer boot.

Any advice

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That is not output, that says absolutely nothing. It’s probably the most useless thing you could post.

Post complete logs/output/versions/error messages / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums

We (Manjaro) do not advertise this to be working. It’s a feature that is not present in upstream Linux.

Of course it stops booting. When you installed linux-lts, the regular kernel package was replaced, because the system only supports 1 kernel at a time. So when you removed the linux-lts package, your system no longer has a kernel. User mistake.

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  1. So it’s okay to advertise yourself on the device’s main site? By the way, support for an external display is declared on the site. So either you are not the main system or the manufacturer is lying on the site.
  2. My experience in Debian allowed me to use multiple cores, if Manjaro can’t do that then it’s my fault.

We are not advertising ourselves on the Pine64 website. Pine64 is doing that. And they are likely advertising it because the hardware is capable of doing it and some OSs likely have it.

Multiple cores? You mean multiple kernels, right?
It depends on the OS image you install. We do have images that support this, but the main ones do not, because of how the kernel packages are built. The Generic EFI images we have support it, but they require extra things to work (eg. Board Firmware on SPI chip).

Yes, I meant kernels.
I have Tow-Boot flashed on SPI and generic EFI manjaro has been installed. Installing and removing lts-linux-kernel killed the system. You say that manjaro can contain multiple kernels, but that didn’t happen to me. To reproduce the error you need:

  1. Install EFI generic Manjaro on Pinebook pro
  2. Install linux-lts
  3. Reboot device
  4. Remove linux-lts
  5. The system is broken :slight_smile:

Step 2 was your error. You should have installed linux515 instead. Then you could install linux60 or linux61 and have them all.

By installing linux-lts you removed the already installed linux515 kernel and you are back on a 1 kernel-only install, since those kernels conflict, which is what pacman/pamac would have told you before you accepted the changes. So removing that kernel again leaves your system without a kernel and thus is not expected to boot. Please read what the package manager is going to do, so you understand what’s going on.

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