Manjaro not starting after installation on lenovo v130-15ikb


today I installed Manjaro on my notebook (the latest Xfce version). After the installation I get an error and after that it opens a menu where I can chose the hard disc, if I do that the same message apears again.

I looked at the Bios but didn't find anything where I can look (note sure if I have to change anything)?

Boot mode: Legacy support.
Boot priority: Legacy first.

Thanks in advance.


It looks a lot like the bootloader for manjaro was not installed. is this new laptop configured to use a fake RAID for windows 10 by any chance? check in the firmware settings, you need to switch the controller to AHCI mode if possible. Clearly you already turned off secure boot or the manjaro ISO wouldn't have started anyway. Also you can turn off legacy boot and use EFI only if you've not already installed any other OS in legacy mode.


Thank you, I did exactly that and it works now! After disabling I had to install again and the bootloader was installed. Everything is working now.

great, have fun with manjaro.

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