Manjaro not booting | Pre- and post snapshot recovery

After the last stable update I was not able to boot anymore. It got stuck in the black screen with the Manjaro logo and the three dots jumping around. I booted into a live usb and did all the reinstalling of GRUB and so on that you find after searching for these cases. It didn’t help.
So I got my external drive with a snapshot. I reinstalled the system to a fresh KDE and started the restoring of the snapshot which is from mid-May. After shutting-down in order to reboot it is stuck in the boot again.
Security Boot is and has always been disabled.
What else can be done to overcome this? Can I share some data that might be helpful?
Thank you.

This is caused by incorrect configured graphics.

Please search specifically for confguration of your GPU.

Using keywords like early kms, kms, simpledrm combined with your GPU make and model is likely to produce a path forward.