Manjaro not booting on battery power

Hi, I’m currently running a windows 10 and manjaro dual booted system. I’ve noticed that Manjaro fails to boot whenever my laptop isn’t fully charged. If I boot when fully charged, then switch to battery power, it works fine, although with extreme battery drain. I have a dGPU, Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti, and I have installed the required proprietary drivers and whatnot.
I suspect this issue is arising due to some power management issue with respect to the GPU, but I don’t know how to diagnose or solve this.Thanks in advance
(edit) Now it’s got to the point where it refuses to boot randomly, even when fully charged. Also sometimes it doesn’t shut down properly. I tried reinstalling Manjaro, but that didn’t change much.

Are you saying it boots and runs W10 on battery? I’ve had this problem with Dell laptops and it’s always been a hardware issue. I forget the name of the card that caused it.

Yeah I have been running windows for 2+ years and I haven’t faced any issues related to booting on battery. Also, I have a Lenovo system.

i have seen this issue sometimes. what happens is XServer fails to load,or takes a lot of time (>2hrs). its very annoying. i have a gtx 1050 mobile in my laptop

Ah ok, thanks for that. The issue has become less frequent now for whatever reason.