Manjaro not booting into system

My Manjaro is not booting into the system. When it turns on it displays the two blue-like lines for Manjaro which always appear when it’s turned on. After that it displays a black screen with some white and red things which are unreadable.

Can you shift to another tty login? Graphic driver may be the issue?

I dont know what tty means. Can you elaborate a bit.

Ctrl+Alt+F3 or F4 / F5 etc
By default manjaro login manager uses F1

Tty mean virtual terminal login without gui. Once prompted on gui login and post output of
inxi -FXB

This info will help to identify the root cause of your problem

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It’s not responding to F1 or F5 or Ctrl+Alt+F3
I am trying to send a picture but unfortunately I get any error message saying I can’t embed items in a post

Does the system work with a different OS (Dual boot or USB Boot stick)? (Is it a hardware issue?)

I didnt do dual boot. The only os installed is Manjaro.
But when a bootable USB stick works fine.

do i sense the kernel is either not detected to boot or something? try to chroot from your live usb stick.

once into the live mode, open terminal

sudo manjaro-chroot -a

this wil list your manjaro install [in your case as its no multi boot, it should be with 0)

once you choose 0, you will be into the chroot of your manjaro install.
then issue the command
inxi -FxB
you will get output.

copy/pase the output so you will get help with ability to identify your root cause