Manjaro not booting after Ubuntu reinstall!

Today I reinstalled my Ubuntu 16.04 and upgraded it to Ubuntu 16.04.1 but now when I am trying to boot into Manjaro I get Kernel Panic error.
How can I boot into Manjaro again without reinstalling??

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Hope this helps.

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Most likely the bootloader found /boot/intel-ucode.img and didn’t add the needed linux image like initramfs-4.4-x86_64.img. Then you might get this error. Simply check the /boot folder for any .img file. You can rename the intel file and update Ubuntu’s grub once more so it finds the proper initramfs file instead of the intel file. Not many Linux distributions can handle the ucode file how Arch and Manjaro uses it. More on microcode here.


It can be GRUB issue if it was a legacy install, when the latest installed system overrides the previous GRUB.

The problem is, ubuntu’s grub can’t run manjaro and you get kernel panic, but manjaro grub can run ubuntu, so if you overwrote manjaro grub with ubuntu’s one, you need to open manjaro live and install manjaro grub again.

There are two ways to repair it:
way 1: Make Manjaro manage Grub again:
-> boot with Manjaro install medium and follow the guide to chroot into Manjaro and update Grub

way 2: Edit /etc/grub.d/40_custom to have an entry for booting Manjaro. Copy it from Manjaro’s /boot/grub/grub.cfg for example, but give the entry a name you would recognize when you see it in Grub menu. Then run sudo update-grub on Ubuntu.

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Thanks for all the help but I repaired it myself using the general trick of “chroot and grub-install and update-grub” which I learned while I updated Windows8.1 to Windows 10.
Anyway thanks for all the help


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